Every parent has a somewhat annoying nickname for their children when they are young. The nickname my parents gave me was "Barbie." Perfection is one of the many things a "Barbie" doll can resemble. I had blonde hair, blue eyes and a very small shape, which is why they called me "Barbie." I always thought it was a very hard name to live up to, and perfection was the expected norm. My family didn’t call me that to push me to be perfect, but to strive to try my best at everything.

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When I was younger, I hated being called "Barbie." I thought, "Why can’t they just call me Britt?" The resemblance was so obvious that even my friends and a few teachers continued with the trend. The stereotype of this doll was to be perfect in every way. "Barbie" had perfect hair, eyes, face, body and overall a perfect "lifestyle." I always felt like I had to live up to that standard. I had to have the good grades, and never do the "bad" things that the other kids did.
Whatever sports or activities I participated in, I always gave 100%. Being in countless pagents didn’t help much with the "perfectionist" stereotype either. There I was "perfect", and I always had to be one step ahead. Even though as a child I thought I could have done without all of this, I soon realized it was for the best.
During high school I began to realize how much that conditioning was to my advantage. While other kids were getting lost in the mix of personalities, I didn’t have a problem with knowing what was right or wrong. I was always held to a higher level by my parents, and because of this, I have always wanted to be the best at everything. In everything I do, I try to make the situation perfect. This has been a huge advantage for me because I automatically strive for perfection, and don’t have to "try and fail" to get something right. I constantly wanted to be the best one in the class, and because of this extra effort, I was prepared for college.
Not only did this name help me in high school, but in college as well. I always want to understand everything, and therefore get good grades. Being a perfectionist will help me in the future with my career along with many other aspects in my life. I will always want to push myself that extra mile thanks to my parent’s nickname for me. This nickname will carry with me for probably the rest of my life. The word "perfectionist" has a negative connotation, but to me, it is not a negative word. I know now that it has helped me achieve the best that I can do, and to always try my best at everything.

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