Which movie to watch, what computer game choose for your child and how best to spend time at the screen with the whole family? These are the questions we will try to answer in this short article.

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry is increasingly tolerant to the violence on the screen. Violence and sex are an inherent part of almost every blockbuster or a video game. Nevertheless, there are several organizations that are trying to control and organize the content in the best way by age categories.

Those movies that you can download any time are freely available to children are rated as recommended and not recommended for viewing by a particular group of audience. 

Currently, the American Motion Picture Association has identified five groups of films for different groups of audiences:

    "PG"- marking movies, which are best to watch with parents. These films are not full of violence, but it can manifest itself more clearly, and there may be present the scenes with a minimum amount of swearing.
    "R" is assigned to the movies with explicit obscene content. These films are not allowed to show to children under 12 years of age at all. And up to 17 years, children must be supervised by a parent, or the film is first to see by parents before offering it to the children. There may be sex and violence, and drugs, and a lot of swearing.
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