My poem which I choose and bring today is “Alone” by Maya Angelou. I got this poem from the web site “ through the black board.
Maya Angelou is a female and African American poet that was amazing at making her work seem come alive to her readers. She had a very eventful life and through her life she went through a lot of things that most people do not go through. With experiences that she has learned she wrote many poems to express her feelings. Her poems actually related to people in a modern day. That is why many people these days still love reading her poems.

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This poem, “Alone” is carefully measured verses describe the general alienation of people in the twentieth century. “Alone” is not directed at any particular sector of society but rather is focused on human condition in general. The poet cautions that no one can live in this world alone. Angelou begins by looking within herself and discovering that her soul is without a home. Moving from an inward glimpse to an outward sweep, she recognizes that even millionaires suffer from this modern malaise and live lonely lives whit “heart of stone”. Finally she warns her readers to listen carefully and change the direction of their lives. Moreover she says human race must break down barriers and rescue one another from loneliness. The only cure, Angelou says, is to acknowledge common interests and work toward common goals.
When I found and read this poem, I just thought about title “Alone”, because this word made me remember my first year in the United States. At that time, I just worked for money because I wanted to keep my study. So I didn’t have enough time to meet friends for sharing my loneliness at all. Indeed, my English skill was so poor. I though that Americans would laugh at me, if I spoke with funny pronounce. That made me lonelier. Every night, after work, I could not sleep so I went out and walked on the street for 2hours. Now I am thinking that I was alone in the world.
Almost the end of my first year in the United States, I met a friend who became my best friend. He understood my loneliness and he talked to me so many times. Moreover, he introduced me to his family. His parents treated me as their sons. After that I could overcome my loneliness. Sometimes, I meet people who have loneliness as I had. I tell them my story and I try to be a friends.
This poem connects to intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. Loneliness is the result from intrapersonal communication. As we learned, to communicate with others, we must first understand how we communicate with ourselves. However, excessive intrapersonal communication can make person isolated and lonely. In this case, we can help them by interpersonal communication. When a person who feels lonely, talks with others, he or she will not feel lonely any more, because they share something they need. At the end, audiences look around you and if somebody who suffers from loneliness, you should share your love with them. Nobody can live alone.
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