It is normal for one to make a mistake. Throughout my life I have made several mistakes, some I regret more than others. Even though I have my regrets, I have learnt profound lessons from those mistakes I made. I have become a better person through overcoming the consequences of my mistakes. 

My biggest regret in life is running away from home when I was sixteen. For some reason, I was feeling angry at my parents and my adolescent thinking saw the only solution was to run away from home. I left school behind even though I was about to sit for a crucial exam that would be instrumental in my college application. I did odd jobs to find some food and did not have proper shelter during the period I was away from home. After a few weeks, I had enough and I returned home to my parents. 

Even though life slowly got back to normal, I had missed my exams, and I had to redo an entire grade. If I had not run away from home, I could have gotten into college with all my friends instead of being left in high school. I am now a well-mannered student and live by the rules.

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