Most of the Pakistanis don even know the physical condition and boundaries of Kashmir. The reason is not that they don’t know but it is that they were not let to know ever the reality. It wont be wrong if i say that "Thief never admitted himself that he is a thief".
Kashmir lies in the North side of Pakistan. Quaide Azam said that Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir and that is why it is, also believed that the word "K" in Pakistan stands for Kashmir. It is somewhat true true that Pakistan has paid a lot for Kashmir and Kashmiri people but what insight is going on is not known to the people of Pakistan. It would be suitable if say that if Pakistan pay something for Kashmir that it is going to be their right now.Because we feel that if Pakistan is spending 30-40% budget on army deployed in Kashmir then its just because of his own doings.
People of Pakistan thinks that they have fought three wars against India just because of Kashmir problem then I will still say that we Kashmiris are not to be blamed.What our mistake is just that we people are very straight forward and very clear as our cataracts and don’t know the politics of u punjabis.

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It is also true that when Pakistan was born Kashmiris showed their solidarity with Pakistan before its birth on 19th July 1947 but i think that was our biggest mistake when we said that we would like to join Pakistan instead of being free.But what to do at that time? The people of Kashmir trusted Pakistan but they betrayed our trust. Pakistanis were always mean to their benefits. It won’t be bad to know that’s why Kashmir is still under the hands of Indians.just because that Pakistan her own self wasted three chances to get Kashmir from India. The very first one was when the great man Colonel. Hassan Khan got a part of homeland from Dogra Raj and bonded it with Pakistan that included the areas of Gilgit, Baltistan, Diamer and some other areas or what we call it the so called Northern areas of Pakistan. It is under the control of so – called FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN. But what if i ask u all punjabis that if u put that area under Federal government then why don’t u give us the approach to your Parliament? Why don’t u give the real amount of funds to that part of Kashmir? Why did u imprisoned Colonel Hasan Khan? why …why?
Here Pakistan have a lame excuse that they have made the free government of Azad Kashmir but the problem is still there. I ask you that if it is an Azad government then why don’t u let them do on their own what ever they want to do with whatever they have? Why are u afriad of them? We know that Pakistan would never allow the government of Azad jammu and Kahmir to work freely ,because otherwise they know that they will raise up to live and run their government on their own without any outer interference even of Pakistan . And most probably that these people will get the right to know that realities about Kargil, 1947 war and about that free war fought by Colonel Hassan Khan.
That is why the Chief Secretary , Inspector General of police, and some other major posts relocated to Pakistanis in Kashmir.We ask u that if u call it an Azad government then why don’t they let them to rule freely. why don’t u allow us to elect our own chief secretary and IG police.Moreover most of the Kashmiris are not promoted more then a colonel rank. There are hardly 10-12 people who got their ranks up to colonel. Because here again the government is afraid that they would get the key posts of army as well and then it would be difficult for them . To rule over them as u must also note it that Kashmiris more intelligent and literate then Pakistanis and brave as well.Here the government of Pakistan has established "MUJAHID FORCE" for the Kashmiris in which no Kashmiri is not allowed to flourish more then a Major , the highest post is just up to major and not more.. Is this our right ?Is this for what we sacrificed 80.000 to 90.000 lives in just a short span of 10 years?
If we see on the Northern side of Kashmir like Gilgit and Skardu etc. Pakistan say that Colonel Hasan Khan immediately after the removal of Dogra Raj from there he bonded Gilgit and Baltistan with Pakistan. But if he had died that pleasantly then why did the bloody Punjabis sent him to Hyderabad jail? Why did they call him that he was the state terrorist? Why did u call him a rebel? If that man would had reached up to Srinagar then there was no need to see Kashmir in this way as it is nowadays. We would be enjoying in the free Kashmir but due to these bloody Punjabis who played conspiracies and landed him in such a bad condition that soon after when he came out of Hyderabad Jail he was attacked by heart problem and left us away ..but believe me that man sacrificed his today for our tomorrow.. I’ll always pay a salute to him.. and may God keep his soul in heaven.. Ameen.
Now the so called Northern areas of Pakistan are under the so called Federal Government of Pakistan. but they never give us a right to approach the parliament .The value of budget specified for it is almost equal to the budget specified for the annual maintenance of NA lai Lai in Rawalpindi.
In short we can say that Pakistan itself is not willing to make Kashmir a free state because otherwise Pakistan will have to face another war against Kashmir and as the literacy rate of Kashmir is 11% more then Pakistan due to which the main key posts of Pakistan will go under their hands. Moreover Kashmiri will ask them for why don’t they teach Kashmiris their own culture in Kashmir .Because Pakistan is looting Kashmir in the same way as India is doing.They both have eradicated and spoiled our traditions and culture .The area under Pakistani control is taught the Pakistani languages and its culture and same is the case of India.I would like to ask u that what is ur right to do so.? How could it be possible? As Kashmiris have their 800 years old ways of tradition and culture.But Pakistan and India both have their 56 years old culture.

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