The name of the planet I chose was Jupiter. Jupiter has always intreaged me, because of the size and color. Jupiter’s Red Spot has always triggered something inside of me. Jupiter and Earth are more related than you might think, these two planets also have many differences.
Jupiter is 778,412,010 km from the Sun, it is 5.2 times further than the distanse between the Earth and the Sun. The Earth’s diameter is 22.245 shorter than the diameter of the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter’s years are 12 times longer than a single year on Earth.

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Jupiter is a Gasceous outer planet with a consistancy like soup, while the planet Earth is a inner planet, the surface of the planet is partly solid with land covering less than half of the surface. There is also liquid on the Earth’s surface, these bodies of water are known as oceans, seas, lakes, and many other forms of water.
Earth’s high and low temperatures are 37 to -13 degrees Celsius, while at -153 degrees Celsius is 12 times colder, due to the distance from the Sun. Hydrogen and Helium are two of the known atmosheric gases in Jupiter, Earth’s major atmospheric gases are Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon dioxide. There are many other atmospheric gases on these two planets but, due to their small percentage they are not mentioned.
The physical features of Earth are mountains, oceans, plains, and gases. Jupiter’s physical features are gasses, giant mountains, everlasting tornadoes, the planet itself is like a bowl of soup, it would be impossible to land on the planet without being indulged by the planet.
Jupiter received its name from the chief Roman God, Jupiter. The planet Earth received its name from the Roman mother of the planet. The planet Jupiter was discovered and named by the Italian philosopher Galileo. Many crafts like Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Ulessus, Galileo, and Cassani have taken pictures of the planet Jupiter but never landed on the planet itself. Pictures can teach alot such as the size, color, and physical features of a planet. There has been one craft sent into space to teach us about cosmic rays, micrometeriotes, and its own temperature on Earth. This spacecraft is known as Explorer 1.
I enjoyed the planet I worked on because the imformation was not difficult to find. I also learned two new things that I did not previously know. Such as, the giant Red Spot has the space to fit 2 and one half Earths. I also learned that the planet Jupiter has many rings and all the outer planets have rings. I also improved my skills in researching and scanning.

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