It was a ominous and unpredictable night. A lone traveler was walking down a forgotten road in a lost town that didnt want to be found. The traveler was there looking for something, but exactly what he was looking for was unknown even to him. The only thing guiding the traveler was an undeniable feeling of remorse that wracked his body with such pain that not even the devil himself could endure. The only sanity he had left was instilled by flashbacks of a loved one whose face he could not picture.
After a tiresome walk he finally reached the outskirts of a grim town where he began to slowly realize that he was trapped inside of an enigma he couldn’t grasp with any level of logical thought. Just before reaching the paved roads of the confuzing town he looked to see if he was in a presentable manner, snickering under his breath while seeing that he was wearing his favorite shirt,which had an unfamiliar dampness which didnt seem to dry no matter how much sun he had walked under.

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Embarrassed by the dampness and fearing a stain, he walked in to the towns seemstress’s shop where the clerk was in a dispute with a customer. Not wanting to interject himself into the verbal altercation , the traveler, waited quietly for his first chance to inquire about the shirt. Surmising the arguements end, The traveler abruptly asked for a new, white, lay-down collar shirt in silk, but is ignored. The traveler asks again but still the clerk shows no intrest in him. Bitter from the way he is being treated, the traveler, in a louder and firmer tone, asks one more time. Again he is completly ignored, not even looked at.
The furious traveler hastely removes himself from the rude establishment. Making rapid strides to exit this unrespectable town, the traveler notices all exits are blocked. . .except one final path . . one last path. The traveler , angry and yearning for answers, walks in disbelief to the worn-in beginning of the perilous trail, where a solitary boy is standing.
Walking weariously up to the turned around boy, the traveler stops . . . . no more . . . .no less . . .than one foot away. The boy at this moment feels the presence of death and turns to face the traveler. Now,with eyes still damp from heart filled tears, the boy stares at the man in front of him and mutters a single word "Father".
The traveler, stunned from what the boy has said, quickly contemplates that the boy is indeed true to his words. The travelers flash backs now have a face. Understanding that the boy truly is his son, the traveler reaches in his pocket for a tissue to wipe his son’s tears away. The traveler gasps in shock as his pocket is damp and his hand is covered in blood. At that moment the boy reaches for his fathers hand and says "I’m ok daddy. . . it only hurt a little." The traveler screams "Whats going on, Where are we?" The final words from the boys mouth are "It’s ok daddy, we are home now . . . . . In Hell."

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