Water pollution is a problem that is often overlooked and ignored. Many people do not realize the effect it has on the environment. Humans cannot use polluted water for drinking or recreational activities, but it can kill water life. Often times the water source may even seem clean. The effects can take years to notice as well and are not always immediate.
Industries are known for water pollution. They like to pollute and throw trash in the water. Industries also dump waste into our water. People should be angry about this.

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People should start recycling more. This would help out the water pollution level. We should be angry about the lack of recycling and hunchbacks. Hunchbacks are becoming very rare in this age of glory. In January of 2003, only two hundred and seven hunchbacks were counted.
Five Facts about Hunchbacks:

  1. Hunchbacks are herbivores; they eat only grains, rice, and certain vegetation.
  2. Hunchbacks are, indeed, true democrats.
  3. Hunchbacks are entirely non-violent; even their wars are fought without violence, but with long debates and even the publishing of novels.
  4. Hunchbacks exhibit sleek, black capes.
  5. Hunchbacks are never late.

Never before had I witnessed anything of the like. The hunchbacks are an enigma. I simply could not comprehend them at first. They stood roughly four and a half feet in height and weighed, perhaps, around one hundred and seventy pounds. The arms and hands of a hunchback were massive. In ceremonies, I witnessed firsthand, a grown hunchback pound giant stones to mere dust. Yet, the hunchbacks are the most peaceful and thoughtful creatures ever to exist.
Mercer, the wisest hunchback, led the great tribe. He was also in charge of The Hunchback Science Team of Research, which researched many incredible things. This team found out how many pennies it takes to stack to the moon, bread has less potential chemical energy than wood, and that a river will never flow uphill. Mercer also cared for me when I became ill during my stay with the tribe. He is, perchance, one of the best hunchbacks to live.
I discovered as well that the hunchbacks are the possibly the greatest musicians in the known universe. They play complex instruments made of wood, twine, coal, stone, and even glass. Magnificent symphonies were composed and played for me on my arrival. The sound was breath taking; if I could describe it, I would say it sounded kind of like a fire engine pulling hundreds of spoons across a lake. The siren would be blaring, but it would not sound like a siren. I would describe it more of an instrument type noise.
Through hunchback folklore, I did stumble across the darker side of the hunchbacks. They, like humans, have participated in wars. Though the hunchbacks do this non-violently, it is a war nonetheless. I read of the hunchbacks and their debate wars. Hunchbacks of opposing factions lined on opposite ends of the village square. The rules were shouted and the debating started. Each side thoroughly gave their reasons on why they believed their side was correct and then listened carefully in turn. This debating lasted nearly twenty-eight years in which several novels were published and then debated over. These were dark days.
I have yet to study these humble creatures for countless more hours. Perhaps then, I will begin to understand more. The hunchbacks have taught me so much already and their knowledge is immeasurable. The race of hunchbacks will dwell forever.

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