Through the sociological paradigm, human behavior has its own roots. On the example of male-female relations and stratification process in the society we will see how human behavior determined by these aspects. Social processes are most important in the causes of certain behavior of the person.
As we know social stratification is social inequality in the society, large groups of people, which are united grounding on certain criteria. This tendency develops under the influences of several factors. 
As Wilfred Pareto stated years ago – “every society had stratification, just different by social appearance”. Speaking about forces and factors of stratification I agree with classification of sociologists, who think that there are psychological, sociological, and economical factors.

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Psychological reasons for stratification are: the more people feel sympathy for each other, the more they will socially get closer and otherwise. Others, grounding on psychological aspects state, that each person has a need for self-identification, to feel him/her-self as a part of a social group, to avoid loneliness, which is unacceptable for the psychological health of the human being. Speaking about more pragmatic forces of stratification in the society we can mention objective differences in certain resources’ possession. Some of the researches make accent on such factors, as set of roles, which people use in everyday life, educational level, religious patterns, cultural values. Others refer to such factors as professional prestige, power, and differences in wealth level.  
People of the higher class (politicians as well) tend to organize life in the society according to their norms. Such actions usually cause opposition of lower classes. Trying to implement own visions politicians might oppose themselves to the lower classes, which lead towards the conflict. 
In general a person follows norms of the society not to get lonely and to be approved by his/her social group. A status of the person will not be approved when behaving in opposition to a group – “a leader without followers is not a leaders”. If none knows about person’s status in the society, person will not feel belonging to that status. Possessing certain status person will have a social role. But between them there always going to be norms and expectations of the group, which shape role behavior of the person.
If we will refer to the example of male/female roles today, first thing we can mention is that it grounds on the social norms. Surely it depends on certain culture. For example, western culture seems to create a great amount of norms in male/female relations in the society to avoid even the smallest implies on sexuality. The smallest touch could be interpreted as “sexual harassment”. In other cultures, touches between men and women would be interpreted as casualty. This is the example, which shows the great impact of the cultural norms and values. The same thing – in different cultures there is a different understanding of male behavior or female behavior in the family and in the society. And here we can see the impact of parents, who raise their children, saying “don’t behave like that, you are a girl”, or they say: ”You are a girl, but you are not different from boys”. These kids grow up and behave in a certain way, playing certain role of a “strong woman” or “ever good wife”. Each community has own norms and expectations. And this is a key point which determines how males and females behave and build their relations.
As we can see, social group in a certain way puts the pressure on the person, who has to behave in a certain way not to end up being a derelict, to feel own belonging to a group, which will approve their status or role. —————————————————————————–
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