Actually, homelessness is definitely a problem in the world today. There are huge numbers of people living on the streets. Many men live on the streets today as well as women and children. As the con side of this argument, we understand the problem. We also see that it is not as big of a problem as it is made out to be. With the population on the rise, it is not possible for everyone to be employed and have a home. We will explain our side in this essay.
The majority of homeless people are adult men. Many of these men choose to be homeless because that is the free lifestyle that they want to live. That is the case for a large portion of homeless people. Homeless life is not always as bad as it seems. They have all the time in the world. They can read a book, take walks and enjoy nature, and listen to the elderly and children. There are the drawbacks of diminished health, alcohol and drugs, and looks of disdain from other people, but any homeless people just live in their own world and enjoy it. We believe that the homeless should just be allowed to live their lives.
We understand that many women and children also are homeless. There is no way to completely end homelessness. There will always be innocent children on the streets.

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Women and children can easily find help to get themselves a better life. Many people that live on the street are mentally ill. These people normally do not bother others and should just be left alone. That is the way they want to be. There are even employed people that live on the streets. Many choose to live like that.
Our main point is that most homeless people choose their path and want to live that way. It is good that we have people like that or else there would be overcrowded housing. The population will cause more and more homelessness as the world gets larger. It just should not be bothered with. It has to happen.

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