Many art works that are written about are subject that are not immediately understood. Abstract are should not be easily or immediately understood by the viewer once it is seen. The viewer should spend some time, thought and conversation should erupt from the work. Since the work is from sensitivity it has a creative process.

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Moore prefers his models to be small in size because he likes to be able to hold it in his hands. This gives him the ability to twist and turn the piece that he is working on. Also, this gives him different views for alterations, since it is an evolving project. It was noted that size of the project is not the idea; it should be the scale that is expressed. Many different types of carvings can be produced through stone, wood, clay and plastilina. Stone takes more physical effort compared to wood or clay/plastilina, which I realized in our class sessions with both materials.
The video took us to West Berlin to visit bronze sculptor(s) who assisted Moore on a project. This sculptor(s) explain how a high finish is created with files, which we will be doing with our stone. Large bronze casts are molds of separate pieces, which will later be welded together. This large piece will mimic a smaller version created by the artist.
Sculptures always look different from many angles. These works are seen " in the round", which gives them various looks in the light, rain and shades. This will be present in our stonework as it is looked from many different angles. In conclusion, Moore discusses many things that we observe in class such as balance, form, shape, texture, scale, space and mass.

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