Explain long-term goals and why you chose healthcare as a careerI have always known that the opportunity to help people will be the most important feature of my future occupation. Being a sociable and helpful person, I never miss an opportunity to help someone in need because the joy of seeing a smile on the face of the person who was worried only a few minutes and to know that you had a role in helping this person is to me the greatest pleasure in the world. Choosing a field, I was positive of one thing – I wanted an occupation that would give a chance for proper application of my intellectual potential and my willingness to help others. Receiving the nursing degree is a chance to join my spiritual and intellectual pursuits in an attempt to make the most of my abilities in a meaningful and challenging job.

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My interest in medicine began many years ago. I helped my mother who was a nurse and took care for my dying grandfather. This made a big impression on me. Since early childhood I felt deep compassion for the sufferings of sick people. To see someone in my family go down with a severe illness was a real tragedy for me, and unfortunately I had to see a few such instances. This made me sensitive to sufferings in all people and inspired me to strive for knowledge that will help relieve these pains.
My first year of studying has been quite challenging and more difficult then I expected. But I am sure I have improved myself, I am learning to be more organized and to handle stress better than I ever have. I became even more confident in my desire to study nursing. I really care about the patients and their stories. I am learning to be more attentive to people and their problems.
This clinical experience I had this year was very important and helpful for me. It confirmed that I was not mistaken, choosing the area to specialize in. All the activities I participated in helped me to get a better insight into the field. This working experience helped me to become more motivated, reliable, more effective and sensitive in communication with other people.
After graduation I plan to work at Graham hospital, in my hometown where I grew up. I am sure that my town hospital needs more well-education and passionate about their work nurses. I can really help my town through serving people, taking care of their health.
I am very interested in medical-surgical nursing and very much enjoy geriatrics. These are the areas in which I would like to pursue my career.
Looking back on my academic background, I believe that I am ready to take up the challenge of mastering the required courses. Most importantly, I count on my enthusiasm for the subject that will help in overcoming whatever obstacles may arise on my path. I am positive that I will use this chance wisely cope with a challenging program and make the most of my potential.—————————————————————————–
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