Greece is a small country where the first European civilization started more than 2,000 year ago. During that period, Greece controlled much of the land bordering, the mediterranean, and black sea. Nowadays, It has little power, and is one of the least developed countries. However, Greece has a great Interested history such as political, culture, and religion.
400 years ago, Greece was constituted from many small kingdoms. 1,000 years later, they were powerful, but they had to face with wars and famine so that people struggled to survive. By 800 BC, people ‘s life begun to be better because Greece was divided into city state instead of kingdoms; Athens was the biggest city since this time. In each city had an area called the acropolis where was usually the highest place in the city. The Ancient Greeks built a temple in the acropolis for honour of god and goddess. At first the city states except Spatar were governed by group of noblemen. After that, the other powerful men, such as merchants and craftmen, began to demand how the stated were run. Therefore, the trouble occurred again in Ancient Greece.

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By year 650 BC, Tyrants was a group of people who thought that It would be better to preside by the powerful man who could keep everyone in order because people had had enough of different groups fighting for controlling Greece. They then was aware of Tyrants was not appropriate rule for them. In 500 BC, people of Athens decided to govern their city in a new way, so they held elections, and all the citizens voted for men they required to manage the city. This was the first democracy since then. By that time, women, slaves and people who born outside the state could not be citizens. It suggested that political changes were created for developing country.
Greeks house were usually built around courtyard. Rich families had a well to use at home, while poor families could not afford their own well had to fetch water from a public fountain. When babies were born, they were shown to their fathers. If fathers satisfied with them, so they were allowed to live. If not, or if they seemed not to be healthy they were left outside to die. When babies were seven days old, their families arranged a party and gave the baby gifts. When they were ten days old, fathers had to give a name. Poor boys were not able to go to school, whereas richer boys began to study at seven years old. They almost stayed at school until 18 years old. Then they had to participate military training. Girls did not go to school because they had to learn how to look after home instead. Greeks citizens aged 20 – 50 years old must be prepare themselves to go and fight if country had a war so that life became very difficult for women and children in case men in the family were killed.
Religion was very important for families. They prayed to the god at home every day. The father of family led the prayers, while women made offering at the family altar in the courtyard. Some of special event, for example, wedding ceremony always took place at home, but sometimes they went to a temple. When a festival took place in honour of a god and goddess, a grand procession walked through the city to the temple. After people died, their bodies were buried or burnt. Those bodies or ashes were placed in tombs because most people believed that their soul had to cross the river of death called River Styx. A ferryman called Charon would take them across in his boat, as long as their relative remembered to put a coin to pay him.
Finally, Greece had the most famous occasion was the Olympic Games, which arranged at olympia in honour of Zeus,but It stopped later by Christian Emperor "Theodosius” in AD 394 because they were to worship a Greeks god until French sportman Baron de Coubertin, organised the game at Athens in1896 since then, the Olympic Games have arranged every four years, in different countries.
Although now Greece has become a small country, it had generated civilization in the world.
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