Today is a day which I will remember for the rest of my life. This is not the end for us, but really just the beginning. Come fall I’ll be leaving this island, for the first time, and living out on my own. I’m scared. Everything is going to be new, the town, the school, and the classmates. I’ve known most of you my whole life and this is all I’ve ever known. We’ve watched each other grow up, and helped each other learn about life. Thank you, all of you. I don’t think I could have made it this far without the help of my family, friends and teachers.
Getting to this point took forever, but looking back only takes a second. And I will carry the memories and the moments Nantucket has given me for the rest of my life. Nantucket has been the place of all my firsts, and nothing will ever change that.

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Life here on the island seems like it has no end and no beginning. We’ve been sheltered by a lot and maybe that’s a good thing but now were going to the real world, and letting our lives start. Not of all of us out close, all of us in this room have had an effect on one another in same way. And to those who have been there, thank you, to those have shot me down, thank you for making me stronger, for those have creolized me, thank you for teaching me, and for those who have loved me,
thank you for caring. Teachers have always told me to try new things, and leaving this island is going to be the start of that. I just wish it didn’t mean leaving all of you. Some of you are as close as family and those who aren’t, you still can’t keep much from a town of gossip, we all know everyone’s story, so I guess the hardest thing is just saying goodbye.
But goodbye means forever, and if we’ve been together this long, I’m sure Ill be seeing many of you soon. I remember my middle school graduation. I was 14, a little nervous, to be going to high school but it didn’t seem like that much of a big deal, after all, I’ve been to this new school almost everyday, and I even had been in the class rooms, and plus my old school was connected to it. Nantucket High has no other connection. If I want to go to school, I have to at least travel 30 miles out to sea. There is nothing familiar left, but change is good, and that’s what life is, always changing.
My friends have been like my family. I grew up with them, and they taught me ways of life. I spent the most time with my friends, did things I should have and even things I shouldn’t but I learned a lot, and wouldn’t take anything back. I had fun doing what I did and I’m glad I never got caught, well most of the time. But now its time for me to get in more trouble, cause more drama and finally figure it all out on my own. I want more then anything to take you all with me, but I don’t think I can. For you two have your own lives to live. I wish all of you the best of luck and I hope you all do well. Some of us will go to collage, some of us will travel, or some will just stay here, what ever you do just follow your dreams and make sure your happy doing it.
We’ve worked a lot for this moment. Congratulations class of 2010, were not longer in high school.
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