An African nation will host the 2010 World Cup. But though the prospect excites the fans in the countries competing to host the competition, they also know that money and infrastructure will probably count more than football culture and previous success on the field in putting forward the winning bid. For the next world cup ,several African countries had deposited their candidature .Many countries are competing seriously for hosting this manifestation. MOROCCO is one of the favourite for wining.

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The most important argument that will be considered by the FIFA committee first is the security. First of all, MOROCCO will develop it’s security system for the manifestation because a secure country is definitely more appealing than SOUTH AFRICA where some racial problems and segregation still persist. Presenting a Security platform is the most powerful argument for MOROCCO.
In addition to the security fact, FIFA have to pay a lot of attention to the infrastructure offered. Even if other countries had hosted many major manifestations, MOROCCO had hosted the African cup in 1976 which means that Morocco has an important infrastructure from 1976.
The fact of being near Europe gives Morocco an additional support because the time difference is not so bad as in South Africa.
MOROCCO presents an important previous success in the field . MOROCCO had reached the world cup for the first time in 1976 as the first African and Arabic country. Soccer in MOROCCO is considered as a culture where as in South Africa it’s still developing.
Finally, the president of the CAF (Confederation African Football) will lend weights to one country. Actually ISSA AYATO is the president of CAF and he is trying to become the president of the FIFA in the next elections. MOROCCO had always supported ISSA AYTO from the beginning of his career while South Africa is supporting STEPP BLATER the current president of FIFA. The African candidature will be defended by AYATO and he will of course recommend a country that supports him.
In conclusion , and after taking everything into consideration ,I think that FIFA will make the right decision .Since security and soccer culture are important arguments , MOROCCO will be the country selected to host the 2010 world cup.
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