Eva Perón was one of the most important and powerful women of these times. She started her life in a poverty stricken, she was an illegitimate child to the First Lady of Argentina. Eva traveled a long path to ended where she did. She was loved passionately by many people but she was also very hated by others. Many myths and legends have been created after this woman. Evita is a strongly remarkable woman because of all the power she reached and the legacy she left to the world. She is also called the Cinderella of Argentina, this woman make all her dreams come true.
She was born Eva María Duarte in 1919 in Los Toldos, Argentina. She came from very, very poor beginnings. She was the daughter of Juana Ibarguren and Juan Duarte, They were not married, but Eva’s father had a fifteen year long affair with Juana, even though he was married. This couple was stable thought Eva and her four siblings were legally acknowledged by their father. But when their father died in 1920 they could not enter to the funeral.

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Though they lived in very poor conditions; Eva, her mother and sisters had to cook to wealthy families to survive. By this way of living Eva got the first images of the difference between the rich and the poor in Argentina. And her idea of social equality carried her through the rest of her life. She attended school in a town called Junin, where her family ended settling down. She had a difficult time there because she was not a very good student, receiving average grades and remembered as being rather strange looking.
Accepting that she would not have a great academic future, she became interested in acting. She got a small part in a school play called “Arriba Estudiantes” and made up her mind that someday she will became a very famous actress.
When she was about fifteen years old, a tango singer named Agustin Magaldi came to her town to perform. A few days later Eva left with him to Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. She was a very young girl living in a very big city, so life was very difficult for her; that is why she had to take on lovers who could support her. She got her first job in a magazine. She looked very beautiful and very thin. She got her first break as an actress in a part of the play “La seсora de Perez” in 1935. This was a small part and she became ill, so it seemed like her dream of becoming an actress will never come true.
So she used one of her male connections to get a part on a radio soap opera. She became extremely popular in the radio, so she used this popularity to continue her relationships with men in power and military. With this relationships she got small parts in movies. She knew she was not a great actress but she also knew that it helped a lot being friends of the director. That was when she met a young army colonel named Juan Perón.
Soon after they met they fell in love. Eva lived as Juan’s mistress for two years, They both were really ambitious so they made the best couple. With Eva by his side Perón gained lots of power. He was very loved by the people and also had lack of tolerance with them. One day he was arrested, but Eva and her influences got him out of jail. After this, his position as the most powerful man of Argentina was assured.
Eva and Juan got married in October 18 of 1945. This was a risky marriage because Eva was of low birth and it was difficult for her to get into the elite social circles. And also many of Juan friends did not like the influence that Eva had in Juan’s ideas. Eva was delighted by her new life, because she had always dreamed of being rich and glamorous but this does not mean that she was using her husband to gain fame. She also loved her husband and worshiped him. Juan also loved Eva and together they made the perfect couple that could rule Argentina.
Soon after this couple got married. Juan was elected president and Eva gained a lot of power and public’s attention. She used her humble beginnings to get poor people love and initiated the Eva Perón foundation that distributed the wealth to the poor. She encouraged people to call her Evita. She build hospitals and helped the elderly and the poor. She was known as the “Lady of the Hope”. She also was nominated vice-president but pressures from the military against a woman in such a high position forced Eva to back down.
Even though Eva did great things for Argentina she also had her dark side. She was as ruthless dictator as her husband. She used all of her power and her husband’s power to put in jail people that did not agree with them and to shut down the magazines and newspapers that published things they did not like.
Not satisfied with her power, she visited Europe to gain more. She was very good received by Spain, her first country because Spain wanted to increase its trade relations with Argentina. Then she visited other European countries where she was not very good received. Disappointed she returned to Argentina where she was worshiped.
Evita was very loved by many throughout her life. It is more said that she worshiped Juan Peron, but it is also said that Juan Perón worshiped her equally. And there are also groups of people called the “descamisados” or the shirtless ones who really adored her. The poor people loved her as their famous first lady who built homes and hospitals for the poor. And she organized the Eva Peron Foundation, the Perónista Feminist Party, and gave women the right to vote. She won devoted fans for both her and her husband while she was in power.
Sometimes the people were getting really tired of the dictatorship of Juan that they needed Eva to keep them loyal to Juan. After Eva’s death people still adored her and stayed loyal but soon got tired of Juan.
In contrast of how Eva was loved by the poor ones, she was really hated by the high classes. The pope refused to see her more than 20 minutes, and England also denied her entry to the Buckingham palace. Also the elite classes of her own country despised her.
Maria Eva Duarte de Perón died on July 26, 1952 of uterine cancer very young, she was only 33. During her lasts weeks she began to write a second book, entitled “My Message”. This book attacked the enemies, especially the army was never published. And at the same time she was writing her will. Two versions of it were written. The first one became public tight after her death and the second one was given to a journalist by Juan on his deathbed in 1975. Both wills begin with “I want to live forever with Perón and my people. That is my absolute and unchangeable will, and it is also my last wish”. Then it continues telling the instructions that all her possessions were to be used in case of disasters affecting the poor.
On the morning of July 26, 1953, she confessed to her maid that she had never been truly happy. She said that this was the reason why she left home. At eleven o’clock that morning, she went into coma. She died with her mother, bothers, sisters and other government officials surrounding her bed at 8:25 that night.
All day long radios had been broadcasting updates of her condition and moments after she died the radios made the announcement which put the country into shock.
Uninstructed, the country immediately went into a state of mourning. All businesses closed, restaurants told their customers to leave and people began wandering the streets.
This was the story of a woman that changed the life of many people in her country and this is and example of how, even though you were born poor, the only thing that you need to achieve all you want in life and to make all your dreams come true like “Argentina’s Cinderella” is to have hope and never lose it, and to make and do anything to get what you want, never loosing your principles and values.

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