Employability Skills are one of the most important skills when in the workplace. You MUST practice great Employability Skills. You should always: arrive to work on time, stay on task, respond appropriately, follow direction, listen, and maintain personal appearance appropriate to a business. Arriving to work on time is the first skill you should always practice. If you do not arrive to work on time, your boss might fire you. Responding to supervision, following directions and listening is also very important. In a situation, your boss tells you to do something, you forget, and instead asking him what it is, you decide to do whatever and end up messing up something very important. In a professional setting, you must have a personal appearance appropriate to that environment.

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Whenever your boss asks you to do something you do not understand, ask for clarification. In my case, I rather ask more than one instead of doing it and not getting it right. You should always maintain good hygiene. Without it, you could go to work smelling and give off a very bad impression to your fellow employees. If one of your fellow employees are new and they do not know what they are doing, offer to share information and explain procedures, also offer to work as a team member to help and intraduce the newest member. In the 21st century, you have a lot of different cultures, races, ages, sexes, and religions so you will have to learn how to work harmoniously with other groups. In certain positions, you will be dealing with customers and you will have to learn to respond to customers need appropriately. Good customer service will always bring back loyal customers.
Troubleshooting and solving problems is the heart of what most people working in I.T. have to deal with, being able to find the problem and fixing it. Taking initiative and doing something that needs to be done without asking your boss is a very good skill to have, also, it is a great way to have your higher ups looks at you with a good mind. Sometimes you are not going to know all the equipment that is placed in front of you. That is why you use information from manuals and computers to make sure you are using the equipment correctly. Whenever faced with a job and you know a better way to do it, do not. Always use appropriate procedures to utilize and maintain equipment. Even if your way is better, report it to the boss, and maybe they will take your suggestion and use it.
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