My goals have been predetermined by my dreams and ambitions and fueled by a desire to better and make something of myself, to find my niche and ultimately my significance in this thing called life.
When I relocated to Dallas in April of 1998, my dream was to simply finish school, pay down my debts, buy a house and live happily ever after – essentially to live a modern day fabrication of the American Dream. Now, five years later, my dream and personal goals have now become larger and more ambitious, but I have yet to see many of my original dreams manifest themselves until now.
Within the last year, I have had the ability to look deeper into myself and realize that I have so many talents and gifts to give others if I could only find the vehicle that would help me achieve my personal goals and that allowed me once and for all to reach for my dreams, to make myself complete. I now have a vehicle that will allow me to embrace knowledge, to abandon my fears and to ultimately accomplish what I originally set out to do.

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At an early age, I can recall my parents purchasing building blocks, electronic robotic lego toys and game puzzles to encourage me to think and use my imagination. My fascination with taking things apart and putting them back together to determine how they worked turned into hours of entertainment and my parents, as well as friends, were surprised at my cleverness. Once, I can recall that I even experimented with electricity by taking my mom’s hairpin and inserting it into the electrical outlet on the wall; I have to admit it was a “shocking” and highly educational experience.
As I progressed through school, I took interest in literatures, history, sciences, and music. Although I was very interested in computers and telecommunications, I found myself heavily challenged by the higher mathematics and thus shunned away from that field until later in life when I began to solidify and synchronize my educational and career path with my goals and dreams. However, in this process of pursuing these goals and dreams, I again experienced courses that challenged my G.P.A and more importantly—me. With “eyes wide shut”, I surrendered on several occasions at various institutions of higher learning deciding I would not go into the discipline of landscape architecture, nor computer science, nor even telecommunications’ management. Whenever a subject came along my path that threatened my integrity, I backed down and shied away from the challenge when I should have taken the path that was less traveled and “bit the bullet”.
Now, I am older and I have learned more from my mistakes and have grown from them as a person, as an individual who desires, even covets knowledge at whatever the costs. Currently, I have a comfortable and easy job with an adequate income, live in a nice apartment in the state of Texas, have had the opportunity to associate myself with a lot of great friends, and have also experienced many promotions and advances since my career and educational trek began many years back. But, I desire and crave more as an individual with predetermined desires and ambitions for a better, more diverse and eclectic lifestyle. Although I have a supervisor who encourages her employees’ personal development and promotes within the company, I still have grown bored with my repetitious work as a revenue analyst; I am unhappy living in an apartment preferring one day to own my own home with someone whom I love dearly.
Additionally, I feel I limit myself by staying in the state of Texas and feel the need to move out of state eventually once that opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, I know I have opened my eyes and my mind to the possibilities that are out there for me when I am prepared to embark on such a challenge.
Altogether, I am preparing myself for the possibilities out there by attending the University of Phoenix. I do not know what my future holds, where I will live exactly or the company for whom I will work. I do know that a degree will give me the confidence and the edge to have the mobility I need to make my decisions when the time comes; it will enable me to get a better job or to go into business for myself or even teach on the side; it will raise my income expectation and allow me to support my parents when and if they need my help. In summary, obtaining this degree will give me a sense of accomplishment because I will finally prove to myself that I can face up to any challenge if I am just willing to take a little drive down an occasional bumpy road.

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