In two days the match begins. This will be the most important match for Jimmy, whose entire career as a boxer should be accomplished with this match and naturally, the victory is the only result he will accept. The result of this match is important not only for Jim but for his family as well, especially for his father who always guided Jim throughout his life and his professional career of a boxer. However, his father will not support him this day. In contrast he will hope that he will defeat Jim since it is he who is the opponent of his son.
In fact, Jim has been preparing for this match for a considerable period of time. Now he felt that he is in a good form, though many said that he should better retire, instead of continuing fighting, but Jim did not think so. He was just in his early twenties, to put it more precisely, he was twenty one. He was in a good form, a typical boxer with rippled muscles. He had strong hands and back, though his manager told him that he should work on his legs which were disproportionally developed compared to his torsos and, as the manager said, his legs were too weak for him to get through the twelve-round match. The situation was deteriorated by the trauma he has recently got. In fact, he broke his finger on the left hand a few months ago but, Jim believed that this would not bother him in the upcoming match. At any rate, it was not the most serious trauma he ever had and the evidence of his past traumas could be seen on his face covered with a couple of scars on his right eyebrow and left upper part of his forehead.

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Moreover, boxing was not the only thing he could do in this life. In fact, it was just a hobby, which though could interfere into his career as the US marine and, actually, his hobby was rather a response to the constant violence and humiliation Jim suffered from his father, who often beat him. His mother and younger sister were the only people who were really supportive and whom he could trust. He perfectly remembered tender hands of his mother when she hugged him after his father rage attack. His sister, Kelly, often took care after him when he was ill or when he got some injuries either from his peers or from his father. Jim knew that he could rely on Kelly whose kind, deep blue eyes, always calmed him down and when he looked in these he felt some inexplicable relief, he simply forgot about all the problems and physical sufferings.
Jim grew as a weak boy, his peers always humiliated him that eventually forced him to start training and boxing and later he joined the US marines where he felt at ease since there he knew that he will become a man. Since the first days in the US marines, Jim has admired with the order that dominated there. His day was strictly scheduled, he knew what he should do next minute, there was no disorder. Even people here seemed to be very attractive and neat. At the same time, he felt that he was one of the marines since he worn the same closes, had the same hear cut, and did the same things other marines did. In fact, he was a part of a team and that was the most important thing for him.
Even his personal life was secondary for him, while being a marine was much more important for Jim. His young wife, whom he married just a couple of months ago, did not really attract him. In fact, women were never interesting for Jim, instead, he was much more interested in his communication with other marines and the life with them was a kind of Eden where he could hide from the problems he used to face in the external world. At least, there was no abusive father who constantly oppressed him. In fact, his past was really pressing, his souvenirs and the conversation he was going to have with his father. This was probably the hardest thing to do but he could not hide his secret anymore from his father who always was the greatest authority to him. Since his childhood, his father dominated over Jim. He constantly told Jim that he is weak and unable to protect himself, “you fight like a girl” he often repeated to Jim as he had just started his career of a boxer.
As a result, he gradually distanced from his peers and he concentrated on the box solely to the extent that he spent the maturing period of his life working out with other boxers. At the same time, he had practically no friends who were not boxers while his relationships with women were mainly unsuccessful that soon became a subject of mocking over Jim among other boxers whom he knew and who knew him.
Gradually, he understood that relationships with women are not interesting for him, instead he would rather prefer to spend the rest of his life as the US marine he would even never married if his parents did not push him to this act. This is why now, when he looks at his wife, Marry, who is a really nice looking girl with long, dark, wavy hair, brown eyes, straight nose, and sensitive lips, is not interesting for him. “She looks like a toy” Jim often thought, even though there relationship had not lasted for more than half a year.
Now, Jim prepares himself of the fight with his own father to prove that he is worthy of respect. This evening, was the last before the fight and he decided that he needs to talk to his father to reveal the greatest secret he has recently discovered himself that he gay. It was a hard thing to do to confess his father that he was a gay. The ambiance was really gloomy the dark and empty gym that was about to be closed produced a depressing impression but he was committed to tell the truth.
When is father enters Jim grows nervous, his forehead is covered with drops of sweat. He attempts to prepare his father to what he is going to say but box is the only thing his father seems to willing to speak about. Eventually, Jim breaks out: “You know, father, I am not a toy you are preparing for a fight and there are more important things I wish talked to you about…” but his father interrupted his as usual “What can be more important?” and Jim brusquely answered: “I’m a gay, father, that’s it.” The answer really shocked the father, his seemed to be totally lost, his eyes were looking in nowhere and Jim realized that this was the greatest victory in his life, he finally defeated his father and now he was really ready for the victory in the match. Moreover, Jim realized that he defeated his father before the fight.—————————————————————————–
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