The novel to To Kill a Mockingbird is about a little girl named Scout , her older brother Jeremy, and their understanding of the world around them during the great depression in he south. The author, Harper Lee was a young woman from Alabama when she wrote this novel. She was simply trying to create a love story but her novel is considered to be much more than that. Mostly everyone in the town of Maycomb has misjudged a man named Boo Radley, including Jem and Scout. However, in the end of this novel Jem and Scout find out that Boo Radley is not the type of man he is rumored to be. It turns out in the end that he is a nice shy man Everyone in the town of Maycomb thinks of Boo Radley as a Monster. At the end of the novel Jem and Scout find out what kind of man Boo Radley really is.

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Firstoff, at the beginning of the novel Scout states what she has heard about Boo Radley. For example on page 8 Scout states: "Inside the house lived a malevolent phantom. People said he existed but Jem and I had never seen him". Here we see what Scout has heard about Boo Radley from the beginning. Scout has been terrified by what she has heard so far about Boo Radley. Scout is too afraid to set foot on the Radley property from what she has heard about the mysterious Boo Radley. When Scout states that she and Jem have never seen Boo Radley, the are showing that they are gullible and believe these rumors.
Secondly, in the middle of the novel Scout asks Dill why he thinks Boo Radley has never ran away from home. Dill tells her that Boo has no friends to run away to. For example on page 144 Scout asks Dill a question and Dill answers: "Dill?" "mm?" "why do you reckon Boo Radley’s never run off?" "Dill sighed and turned away from me, "maybe he doesn’t have anywhere to run off to" This passage reveals that Boo has no friends to run away to. This passage is representing misjudgment because Scout now believes that Boo is an unfriendly person since he has no friends. At this point Scout does not state whether she likes Boo or not because she is not positive what to make of him.
Thirdly, toward the end of the novel Scout states that she is no longer afraid of the Radley place but it still seems uninviting. For example on page 242 Scout states: "the Radley place had ceased to terrify me, but it was no less gloomy, no less chilly under its great oaks, and no less uninviting." This states how Scout is no longer afraid of the Radley place but it still seems uninviting. Scout is however misjudging Boo Radley because it sounds like she is stating that she thinks Boo Radley does not want anyone to go near his house, but she does not know for sure. Scout makes the Radley place sound like a haunted mansion in this quotation.
It is apparent that almost everyone in the town of Maycomb including Scout and Jem show prejudice towards Boo Radley because rumors have caused him to be thought up as a monster. In reality Boo Radley is a good man. He shows this in the story by rescuing Scout and Jem from an attack by Mr. Ewell.
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