This essay will be about blended families, mainly my own. I will discuss how my family is categorized as a blended family and how we as family, deal with these unique situations that sometimes arise. A blended family is defined as family whose members were once part of other families. I myself just have my family, which include my husband and my four children. Holly, (8 years old) is the daughter with a man that is not my husband and we never married. Sienna, (5 years old) Nicole, (2 years old) and Nicolas (1 year old). The last 3 children are my husbands and mine. So this brings me to Holly my oldest daughter and how she has a blended family and how that work for her and her two families.
Holly (my daughter) is a very lucky little girl. Some people my look at her situation a think that it might be sad to be the only individual in each family that is considered a "stepsister". But on the contrary, Holly sees things so much more different. Instead she has 2 families and that means she gets twice the love then a regular "normal family". Two families, mine (her moms) and her dads.

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The majority of her time is mostly spent us. Here with our family she has her mom, stepfather and her 3 younger siblings. All 3 siblings, which include Sienna, Nicole and Nicolas, are technically her half sisters and half-brother. But in our home they are not viewed like that. I believe that they were all born from the same mommy the same tummy that means they are all one in the same. We love and treat her no different than any one else in our household. Holly doesn’t call my husband "dad" but that because she has a wonderful father who is very much a huge part of her life.
Every weekend and most holidays Holly spends with her dad’s family. Her dads family is made up of Bob (her dad), Patty (her stepmother), Nathan (stepbrother), Samantha (half sister) and Monique (half sister). Nathan is Her dad’s wife’s son from a previous marriage. Samantha and Monique are the daughters of her father and stepmother. Holly also views her father’s daughters as her "real" sisters. When she goes to her father’s house she gets the same equal treatment just like the other 3 children in their home.
Holly is a happy kid. She is blessed with two wonderful families that love and adore her. Her blended family have worked hard to put all differences and history aside to give her a life full of happiness and health. She is one kid that has it all, the best of both worlds. For Holly this special family situation has worked for her.
With two families that show her and guide her in all the wonderful things that life has to offer. No one family more important and no pressure to have to choose. All she has to worry about is being a kid. Holly’s blended family is heaven sent. Now that is one lucky kid, even with her blended family.
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