Belief in God is deeply rooted in my homeland. Many great men of our country were believers, and it helped them to bring great benefit to the maximum of the fatherland. Faith allows ordinary people to survive in times of ordeal when neither reason nor progress can not help the person. Faith makes our souls kind and clean.     

When it becomes hard, when darkness looms, when temptations attack us, when idleness, satiety and parasitism became the most important things for us, we can get the impulse of life only through faith in God.     

Everything connected with believe in God pleases my soul – this splendor golden-domed churches, and the solemnity of worship, and great beauty icons.     

People at all times concerned with the question of meaning of life and the mystery of death. Christian faith answers these questions clearly and completely. Religious people know that death in the form as it is presented by soulless people does not exist. Death looks terrible from the outside only. Death is actually a tranquility, a new birth into eternity. By faith an guardian angel is given by God to every soul. Many people have experienced the intercession of their guardian angels. Everyone can remember a time in their life when they saw a manifestation of a higher power.     

I believe also because faith is the source of love. In our society there is no embittered believer. Those who believe radiate goodness and light. Faith is also the key to family happiness. Pious marriage is primarily a spiritual union of two hearts in the Lord, and the family is in itself a church, the way assigned to certain people from above. We all know that very often marriages that are not blessed by God disintegrate. This says that people are connected not in God, but in sin.   


No one on earth is immune from mistakes and temptations, but here your faith comes to the rescue. It indicates a person who has committed a tragic mistake, the path to repentance. Nothing but repentance frees our soul from the severity and suffering for fatal errors.    

As a believer, I am spirituality concerned about the problems of our society. I sometimes wonder if our homeland do not return back into the past, in the words of the poet Alexander Bloch, into the past of "the gendarmes in hoods? At such moments of doubt I reach my soul to God. I learn from him forgiveness and serving others, the true patterns of repentance and love.    

I am proud of my faith, because it is the source of grace. I’m sure everyone embittered, confused for some reason is seeking light, goodness and participation. I can tell these people: "You say that there is nothing to rejoice about, life is hard and heavy, full of hardship and other troubles, and there is a lot of hate in it and too little of good? But do not you know that the church these days opens shelters for street children. Every morning before the children wake up, some good people get up who teach, feed, heal, guard and pray in the chapel for these orphans, pray for the enlightenment of their light of grace, for guidance in love and faith.

"And I pray too every day, ‘Lord, protect us all …"

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