You know, I have been worrying about the flights to Bali. My kids kept on saying that they were afraid of ear ache on landing, and that they wanted to take one flight instead of two to go to Bali. Why two? Because we have to change flight in Singapore to save money. But miracles happened. The computer game (Nintendo?) kept them busy all the way on the flight and they had totally forgotten landing ear ache!!
We arrived late in Bali airport. To my surprise, it was quite a modern airport. Everything was so efficient. Soon we arrived at the hotel and we were welcomed with warm smiles and flower rings. The hotel room was quite nice and spacious. There were three beds, two bigger and one smaller beds. How should we share our beds – four people and three beds? I guess each one should have three quarters of a bed then. It turned out that the two kids each got a bed. Katherine and I only got half bed each. That is unfair!

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Well, the unfair feeling went away on the next day when we spent a whole day enjoying and relaxing in the hotel, in particular, around the swimming pools. We swam underneath a waterfall, dived deep into the pool bottom of two meters deep. The water slides produced lots of excitement to my kids. They kept on sliding and sliding, with their heads up, heads down, bottoms up and bottoms down.
The scenery around the hotel was great too. It was located at the edge of a bluff facing the ocean. Big rocks was lying at the coast-line at the beach beneath the bluff with waves striking them repeatedly. It was spectacular. The bad thing is that it was unsafe to swim there, otherwise I would have swum in the Indian Ocean – for the first time ever.
Food is good in Bali too. The hotel buffet breakfast was one of the best I ever have and there were little repetition for my three days stay. In particular I enjoyed the papaya juice and mango yogurt very much. Katherine couldn-t stop eating too. Though I often persuade her not to eat too much, I couldn-t do that this time for the food was so delicious. Katherine found the best passion fruit we ever have and we managed to bring some home too!
Seafood dinner at the Jimbaran Bay was another experience. Have you ever dine on a sandy beach facing the sunset? Yes, it was what we have. Very romantic, isn’t it – except that you still have to take care of two boys who kept on complaining the lobsters, the crabs and the fish too hot, though Katherine and I enjoyed very much. Another thing – the restaurant was not too honest, they overweighed the seafood. It made us upset for a while but the delicious seafood had somehow comforted us.
Remember I’ve said the beach beneath the hotel bluff is very beautiful but unsafe to swim? Actually there is another private hotel beach just a little bit farther away. When we arrive there, the scenery caught our eyes – it was as beautiful as the world famous twelve disciple rocks of Australia!! We were served like kings there too. The hotel staff served us with cool towels, cold water skin soothing apparatus, fruits and even beach toys. Lewis originally was not keen to go to the beach, but now he was enjoying the waves and the sands as much as his brother Adrian.
Bali was more than just sunshine and beach. That afternoon, we went to see some culture of Bali. We saw Bali buildings and temples, we walked through Balinese local markets бV fruits and vegetables, birds and monkeys, and even fighting cocks. I learned from our taxi driver that the Philippine fighting cocks are better fighters because he owns both Balinese and Philippine fighting cocks.
We arrived on time at the Sea God Temple (Tenan Lot) trying to catch the famous sunset scene. It had not disappointed us. But more than that, we found the landscape was also very beautiful. The kids were very excited with a big school of bats flying out from a sea cave nearby at the moment the sun fell below the horizon. Catherine asked me why I said they were bats. I said, “Trust me, for I just know” Did I sound like Dori?
The story of our trip to Bali ended the next morning. Adrian, woke up on his bed, asked, “When will we come back?” I replied, “Where shall you go – Sabah or Bali?” He said, “For even years – Sabah, odd years – Bali”. Are we?
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