The greatest threat to the United States of America lies not in the weapons of mass destruction being harvested in poor countries such as Iraq, but in the arrogance of her own government. For a year following the attacks on September 11 2001, the Bush administration has been making war-like speeches against countries such as Iraq, North Korea, and Pakistan concerning their ‘build up of weapons of mass destruction.’ Such threats are now nearing true as the crisis in Iraq continues.

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The American government has adopted a no-tolerance approach to Iraq following UN inspectors’ entrance into Iraq on November 17. As this Iraqi show of compliance with the United Nations and the United States of America occurred the US simultaneously attacked Iraqi air defence targets. This is apparently in response to what the American military claimed were attempts to shoot down their planes. In attacking air defence targets the Bush administration is only taunting Iraq further at a time where the possibility for peaceful relations between Iraq and The US should be re-examined. Such anger provoking acts such as bombing a sovereign country’s air defence targets can only initiate further tension in an already tense situation.
The Iraqi decision to accept the UN into their borders clearly represents a break through in the situation, which many feared could only lead to war. The US administration however, continues to provoke Iraq arrogantly announcing that with or without UN support Iraqi president Suddan Hussiem will be disarmed if every detail of the UN resolution is not complied with. This only serves to further increase the resentment directed toward the US from not only Suddam Hussien’s regime, but also from the Iraqi people who feel violated by the US’s infringement upon their sovereignty. This is the population ravaged by war and oppression that the United States is supposedly attempting to ‘save’ and in doing so is disillusioning.
President Bush in verbalizing his questionable intentions to attack Iraq regardless of foreign support is reinstating the international opinion of the United States: that she is a self serving nation with little to no consideration for the smaller nations in which the world is composed of.
Actions, which reflect beliefs of superiority, are generally accepted with hostility by Middle Eastern nations who are already placed in a compromising situation concerning their loyalty. And it is precisely the Middle Eastern countries support, which is crucial to the US strong front against weapons of mass destruction. In alienating nations who may appear inferior, the Bush administration is in fact shooting itself in the foot concerning the success of the disarmament of Iraq, as the US relies greatly these nations approval of US infringement upon their air space.
The verdict on whether, the United States of America will in fact get her war has yet to be seen. However, with the government behaving like a schoolyard bully, and foreign relations dwindling, not to mention a weakening economy, the United States of America does not require an attack of a nuclear bomb, to cause catastrophic damage to the country. The Bush administration is causing enough damage to the United States of America all on its own.

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