Through the reading of this book, it discusses transformation between Civil War brought to the character of the United States and the way Abraham Lincoln carried his weight, just to be heard.
The time Civil War transformed a Union of states into a single Nation, Professor McPherson points out in the pieces in his essay. Lincoln, spoke of the American “nation” rather than of a “union” in order to invoke a new birth of American Freedom and nationhood. Lincoln used his words to change the time for the slaves, trying to free them instead of harvesting the land for another man. The change of American from a union of states to a nation was accompanied by a change in the concept of liberty on which the nation was founded. This involved emancipation, which made a change in the abolition of slavery, and the application to all people of the principle in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal”.

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Before the emancipation, liberty was understood in a negative way which involved individual freedom, McPherson explain how government regulation and freedom from interference with private property. Including the Civil War, the change of liberty allowed the government to force a positive stand in promoting the freedom of humans and human good. The course of slavery was left, but the concept of the governments role in creating positive concept of liberty has continued through it’s time.
Throughout the essay, Lincoln vision new ideals. In certain parts McPherson, backtrack on issues that was part of modern revision who claim that the Civil War failed.
A second reconstruction provided necessary in the mid-20th Century to realize fully on the aims.
Following his first essay, the argues of Lincoln became convincing that the Civil War did change the Unite States from a slaveholding republic, like Nebraska when they move in the Free Soldiers to oppose slaves, it became a free one. Politically, everything move from the south to the north.
Earlier New England, blacks improved, although equality was still very far. In England they spread out and defeated the plantation economy, in the south prevailing was weakened.
McPherson stated “negative liberty – freedom from government oppression – to one of the position liberty – the right for protective – guaranteed by the Federal government.


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