Abortion has been and still is one of the nation’s most controversial issues. It is discussed on various levels and from numerous points of view. Being a social phenomenon, abortion has many opponents as well as supporters but only small part is radical enough and ready to deny the opposite point of view, the majority accepts the right to abortion.

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In its 1973 landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion. The Court based its ruling on two findings. First, the justices found that a woman’s right to privacy allows her to end a pregnancy. Although the word “privacy” does not appear in the Constitution, the Supreme Court had ruled in earlier cases that a right to privacy does exist. Second, the Court said that a fetus is not a person and thus is not protected under the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee that “no person” can be deprived of life without a fair trial.
Opponents of legalized abortion believe that human life begins at conception and that aborting a pregnancy is a murder. Those who believe that abortion should remain legal say that in a free society the government should not take away a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is a personal choice and a woman must have control over her own body. In addition, abortion rights activists argue that medical experts do not agree on when human life begins; therefore, abortion cannot be considered murder.
Some proponents say that the procedure is harmful to the women and cite studies that show higher rates of hemorrhage, infection, and complications in subsequent pregnancies for women who have had the abortions. Pro-choice advocates contend that legalized abortion protects women by allowing them to have qualified physicians perform the procedure, thus preventing them from using dangerous, often life-threatening methods to terminate unwanted pregnancies.
A logical conclusion that may be done is the legalization of abortion that seems to be inevitable, particularly in well-developed countries.
Opponents of legalized abortion believe that easy access to abortion has led to sexual promiscuity in American society – especially among teenagers, some of whom may view abortion as an accepted means of birth control. Proponents of abortion dispute the idea that large number of women view abortion as a means of birth control and instead describe it as a last resort for women in desperate situations.
Some people say that since no one has proved that life begins at conception, abortion cannot be considered murder. A woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy as a matter of private choice and to do so without government interference. Legalized abortion protects women’s health by allowing competent doctors to perform the procedure safely. Abortion has to be legalized but at the same time it should be strictly regulated.
Nowadays, the problem of abortion, and, consequently, the problem of antiabortion become vitally important particularly for well-developed, post-industrial societies. It is evident that it is not a problem of an individual anymore but a really social problem because it concerns not only the health of a woman but it also produces a serious impact on a demographic situation in the whole country and on a psychological atmosphere in the society at large and within the family in particular. Traditionally, antiabortion beliefs are very strong even in the most democratic societies but on certain conditions even conservatives agree that abortion may be necessary or even inevitable.
I am against abortion. It deprives an unborn human being of opportunities for valuable future. It might pose serious threat to women’s life and in some cases women are not able to have children anymore. Religion is also against abortion because according to the religious believes the pregnancy is never accidental and it is God’s gift that should not be rejected. Church also emphasizes that bearing children is women’s most important function and rejecting it, is just the rejecting of self and the idea of person’s divine nature. That means that woman does not love herself, and loving yourself is the most important thing in the world, from which everything starts. It seems like a great restriction, but in each one there is a sense to listen to.—————————————————————————–
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