Gender segregation in schools is a practice in which students of both sexes are taught in separate training units or even in different schools or other educational institutions. Most often it is a this way is implemented with intention to improve the process of education.

Gender segregation in schools existed under the form of single-sex education in all European countries in the nineteenth – early twentieth century. This approach is explained very simply: according to the then popular theory of separate spheres, society meant different roles for men and women. The boys were getting ready for the public sphere: politics, business, management, the girls were destined for the sphere of private life, the role of the "mother and housekeeper." Naturally, the program of girls’ schools and gymnasiums were significantly different from that of men, because it was believed that the role of wife and mother did not demand a large amount of knowledge. In addition, at the time there was serious prejudice to the level of development of women’s intelligence, which was considered by far the weaker comparing to that of a male. The level of mental development the woman was believed to be that of adolescent males of 14-15 years of age. The consequence of this situation was the emergence of the movement for women’s right to education, which has achieved the admission of women to the "male professions" and to the universities, and the change the girls’ training program at schools and gymnasiums.

However, the experience many schools and colleges shows that it is in the classroom, especially in those where teachers use innovative methods, boys and girls learn to work together to solve problems and make decisions, understand and respect the characteristics of the thinking and perception of the opposite sex. This approach proved to be effective later in life when yesterday students of both gender begin to work in a mixed team.

The practice of additional classes for the gender issues consideration is also regarded as very effective, as it helps to develop communication skills determining future working relationship and ability to be more flexible.

Those college and university students who write their essay on gender segregation in schools have to use free sample essays, from which they will learn that it is in school and in high school where take place the most active processes of gender socialization, and when the boys and girls try on the roles of grown-up men and women, which are offered them by social environment, the process is not always painless, since these roles are due to the role of obsolescent patriarchal stereotypes. So the issue of gender segregation in schools remains critically urgent and can be a great topic for your essay.


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