Contrary to popular belief of high school students that are plagued by essays, essays are really essential to the ability of hearing ones thoughts, ideas, and their feelings about certain subjects. Essays are capable of opening the doors to the self discovery of what you really feel is important in life or what you just have a lot to say about. Because “The theme of an essay can be anything under the sun,” (Ozick) anyone can benefit in the freedom given to a writer when writing an essay, and really express themselves in a meaningful way. Whether you choose to write about something controversial yet insightful, or something outrageous yet thought-provoking, you can never go wrong when spilling out your thoughts on paper through an essay. Also, one doesn’t have to be afraid to say what they feel and think is important, or worry that someone wont like it because regardless of the topic essays are always taken into consideration as a respectable piece of writing.

With the diversity involved in essay writing you could have the power to cause your readers to “fall into surrender and conviction.” (Ozick) If you have a good topic and feel strongly about it, having this effect will be an easy thing to accomplish with your essay. So next time you are assigned to write an essay don’t see it as a burden, but as an opportunity, an opportunity to open your mind, share your ideas and possibly impact the world. An essay by definition is as follows: A short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author. That textbook definition is entirely too broad. When composing works, essays can assist a writer in expressing themselves in a different way then showing their personality by things such as clothes, music interest etc. Many essays allow writers to write based on their own personal experiences and opinions, which results in making distinctions between other authors, almost as if their way of writing is in part a bit of their identity. One also on occasion can learn a great deal from being assigned to write composition on a subject that is not familiar.

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