Cheating during exams is a very disrespectful action that gives the student who is cheating a chance to obtain a grade that he or she doesn’t deserve.
During last semester, I have observed many cheating instances during exams and especially management exams. Approximately, I can say that this action of dishonesty was noticed in almost every exam that I took last semester.
There are many methods of cheating that I have noticed during last semester, one way was to simply look at the colleagues’ exam paper. The students who I have noticed doing that were ready for such an action by making some sort of an agreement with the student they intended to cheat from. After that a chain reaction starts as the student starts showing the answers that he/she obtained in a dishonest manner to all of the other students who previously agreed with that party to cheat the answers. Another way of cheating is by using calculators. Students previously save certain formulas or information in the calculator and thus use it during the exams. The use of a little cheat sheet is another familiar method among dishonest students. This cheat sheet is a small piece of paper on which students write down some important details.

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Preventing cheating is a vital matter in order to assure fairness among students. There are many ways to prevent this action. One way is by giving open book exams, this can work best if the class needs tough understanding of the material, and thus, the book will give limited guidance to the answer of the question but will not give the correct full answer. Another way of preventing cheating is to give exams that do not require tough mathematical calculations. This way, we can forbid the use of calculators and prevent cheating by using it. We can also prevent cheating by allowing students to use the books during the last 10 minuets of the exam, the student then will not feel the need to cheat as he will be able to use the book in the last 10 minuets and recover what he/she has missed in the exams. The last method that I believe can prevent cheating is the consistent use of exams that have different forms; this will directly stop cheating between students.


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