Emotional intelligence refers to a combination of skills including, empathy, self-control, self-awareness, sensitivity, and self-motivation. There are many tests done to see if a person has a high emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence used for? I think it is used for a lot of things and it is also good to have emotional intelligence. If you have bad emotional intelligence you can lose your temper easily or become sad. This can lead to eating disorders, violent crimes, and early pregnancy. Emotional intelligence are different then a lot of other intelligence. A lot of people know what being creative or being smart is, but a lot don’t fully understand what emotional intelligence is. If you don’t have any emotional intelligence you could hurt yourself or someone else.
I don’t think that emotional intelligence is important to you for your overall intelligence. The more emotional intelligence you have, I think the better person that you are, not more intelligent. Someone with a bad emotional intelligence you wouldn’t want to be around all of the time because they could be mean or depressed all the time. If someone had good emotional intelligences the person can control their emotions better in different situations.

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Emotional intelligence is just a small part of what makes a person intelligent and more important to their personality. I think I’ am an emotionally intelligent person. I don’t get angry or sad very easily and I can control myself when I have to. I motivate my self to do many things like play guitar, go out, or play sports. So I think that I have a high emotional intelligence in most situations.
With emotional intelligence come many different tests. I took three tests to help determine my emotional intelligence. The first test was the self-image test. I scored a twenty-eight out of thirty-six. It says that I don’t need to defend myself to inspire confidence and that I’ am “happy in my own skin”. The next test I took was to test my independence. In this test I also scored a twenty-eight out of thirty-six. It tells me that I’ am independent and don’t depend on others. The final test that I took was to determine if I was a follower or a leader. I scored a twenty-one out of thirty-six. It says that I have leadership material.
I think that these tests can be somewhat accurate. I was surprise that I got a low leader score because lots of people tell me I’ am hard headed. I always want to be the leader in sports and other group activities. I think I actually scored high on the self-image test because I look down on myself a lot. The most accurate test out of the three was the independent test. It was correct because I like working by myself rather then in a group. I always been independent since my mom and dad got divorced when I was really young. These test were fairly close to fitting my emotional intelligence, but not in all situations.
I think that these kinds of test can only determine a broad idea of you emotional intelligence. These tests cannot determine how much emotional intelligence you have. The test asks only twelve questions, which you can’t determine someone’s emotional intelligence from. So to say that people are always leaders or always followers wouldn’t be true. People react differently in different situations. For example, someone might be a leader on the basketball court, but then follow someone in his or her math group. There are to many different people in the world to determine their emotional intelligence from twelve questions. I believe that most of these tests are used for entertainment. The questions asked don’t cover every aspect of life. The test is just for entertainment and to give you a broad view of your intelligence.
In conclusion, emotional intelligence is important to a person, but not as important to your overall intelligence. It can cause some people to have eating disorders, to commit crimes, or to have early pregnancies. There are many different tests that you can take to measure you emotional intelligence. I took three of those tests. I think only one of them got it right and that was the independent test. The other two were close, but not all true. These test are used for entertainment and don’t give you an exact score on emotional intelligence. These test will just give you a broad idea of how much emotional intelligence you have.
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