Elizabethan food was very important during these times. There were so many types of foods, whether it be meats, sweets, bread, fruits, or vegetables. Every meal was filled with color and variety. Meals were very imperative, starting with breakfast, concluding with lunch, and finally ending with a big dinner. Most of the higher class meals consisted of meat, while the lower or middle classes had more of bread, fish, and cheese. Whatever class you were in, though, you were sure to have a “sweet tooth.” Cakes, pastries, gingerbread, and tarts were some of their favorites.
Looking up everything, whether it be on the internet, in encyclopedias, or in books, there was much to discover about the food in the era. Every page you clicked on or every one you turned, you learned something new. The way they cooked, what utensils they used, what kind of ingredients did they use, and which ones they didn’t have were issues that popped up during our research. The wives cooked using a big stockpot over an open flame.

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They had some utensils and ingredients, but baking powder and baking soda were not one of them. They had to make due with what they had. The way they ate was another adventure. Big groups would all gather together to eat and enjoy the food that was put in front of them, While most had to eat on wooden benches, the higher classes were given more comfy chairs (see picture). Many people used their fingers as utensils for eating. I assume that there was nothing wrong with that during that time period.
Our group, consisting of Amy, Danush, Nichole, and me, all worked well together. We split the work into fourths, so we could all only have a little load on our backs rather than a big load for just one person. We all worked on the poster, creating cue cards for our presentation, and then we all baked the gingerbread. Everything was done a lot faster since we all worked together. The first few days we all brought in different information and shared it with each other during our free times during English or during tutorial study periods. We worked as a team. The work was spread about evenly, so there wasn’t just one thing that one person did. There was always another person, and if not, the entire group. We were a great team, and I hope to work with the same people the next time we have a group project.
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