El Greco was born in Candia in 1540. His name means the Greek. He drew pictures of the Christian Religion, like Jesus. He got 1000 ducados for the painting of the Espolio for the Cathedral of Santo Domingo. The 1000 ducados he got satisfied a person for 2 years back then.

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He moved To Venice in 1566 and stayed there for 4 years until 1570. He moved to into Rome in 1570 and stayed until 1576. He painted a picture of Christ healing a blind man that took him from 1566 to 1567 to make. He painted the Purification of the temple from 1570-1575 for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He also painted the Pieta in Rome from 1570 to 1572 for the Philadelphia museum of Arts. He also painted an Assumption of the Virgin in 1577 for the Art Institute of Chicago, which was based on Titan’s assumption from 1516 to 1518.

El Greco loved the beautiful scenery and sights of Toledo. He traveled there many times and painted some of his pictures there. He died in Toledo on April 7, 1614 and was buried there in the Santo Domingo El Antiguo.

El Greco was born in either 1540 or 1541. His artistic work was all towards the Christian religion. He drew pictures of Jesus and some of the other men and women living at his time. He painted the Espolio for the Cathedral of Santo Domingo and got 1000 ducados. This was a payment that was could pay for 2 years. El Greco other than painting and doing art he liked to travel to Toledo and see the beautiful sights there.


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