Many teachers may overlook children with disabilities or think that they just might not be trying hard. They need to realize that they’re are kids that have problems and eventually they are going to have to teach one. A man named David Raymond had this very same predicament. Throughout the first years of his life at school he cursed at himself and felt as if he wanted to die. He could not learn like the other kids and began to feel discouraged as everyone else around thought of him differently. David had a form of dyslexia, which is a learning disorder that effects the way a person learns to read. Even though he had this disease, he was still able to succeed in life and become a business owner. He gave a speech to many people called Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read, which explained a little about the disease known as dyslexia.
David Raymond had many thoughts on his life living with dyslexia. When he was a young child in the first years of school, he would come home from school screaming of how dumb, he was and of how he wanted to kill himself. When he was in second grade, he started to receive testing to see what exactly was wrong with him. He began to get tired of the testing. He just wanted people to stop upsetting about him. When he was 17 years old, he was only able to read at a fourth grade reading level. His parents started sending him to a special school for kids with learning disabilities. He would take a bus from his regular school to a different school across the town in which he lived. He did not like riding the bus because he rode with the kids that had anger issues and with retarded kids. He did not like being labeled like this so he despised the whole fact of needing help. He soon found other things in which he could do outside of school. He excelled at running for the track team and on the cross-country team, receiving letters in both. He also started working in pottery and was found to be a pretty good sculptor. His teachers soon understood and starting being easier on David. This pleased him since they did not make him feel like an idiot.

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David could not have made it through life on his own. He was given help by numerous people. His parents helped David with whatever they could. His mother would read novels to him along with his father helping with homework. The use of a tape recorder was needed. David would talk into a recorder then give it to his mom to write it down for him. His parents forced him to go to a summer camp for kids that cannot read one summer. David dreaded going to a place like this. Again, he did not want to be classified as a kid that could not read. He ended up having fun at the summer camp. He met many kids that had similar problems as him. He made some friends while also realizing that he is not the only one with this trouble. One of the counselors that David has at the camp told him that he had an IQ higher than 90% of the population. David did not really listen to this because he did not believe it to be true. David soon learned of famous scientists and artists that had problems in their lives. Albert Einstein did not speak a word until the 4th grade. He also flunked math, when he grew up though he became one of the most esteemed mathematicians throughout history. He too learned of a painter named Leonardo Divinci that was believed to have had dyslexia.
Throughout his life David Raymond was laughed at and helped with his problem of dyslexia. He soon realized that it was not so bad and excelled at whatever he could. He tried despite his reading problem and quickly became a successful business owner. Giving this speech must have altered the minds of many parents and teachers, which have kids with dyslexia. They may have changed their minds and gotten their kids help or learned of dyslexia by listening to David Raymond.
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