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Argumentative Essay

Australia’s Macroeconomic Policy

  • Academic level: University
  • Subject: Economics
  • Paper format: MLA
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Cause and Effect Essay

The Consequences of World War II

  • Academic level: High School
  • Subject: History
  • Paper format: MLA
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Descriptive Essay

The Scientific Method

  • Academic level: College
  • Subject: Technology
  • Paper format: MLA
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Ethics, Technology, Sustainability, and Social Issues in Business

  • Academic level: Ph.D.
  • Subject: Business Studies
  • Paper format: APA
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Descriptive essays are possibly one of the easiest essays to write, especially since the essay requires less critical and logical thinking and analysis and requires more research and hard fact. This means that all you have to do is marshal information onto your essay for a good grade.

Tips if you were given a topic

If you are given a topic then look over your textbooks for things that reference it directly and indirectly. These are the things your professor probably wants you to touch upon within your essay. Pay close attention to the last few lessons and your notes on such, as portions of previous lessons should probably feature in your essay (after all, the topic was picked for a reason).

How to pick your own topics

Try to stick close to the subject matter that you are studying, and do not go for tired topics. Do not do the same topics you have heard your friends talk about and do not pick topics directly from the textbook. Do not copy the topics of other essays you find online because you can be sure that some other members of your class will have done that and the last thing you want to do is be one of the students that hands in an essay that is eerily similar to three others in the class.

Things you should not pick

If you are given an open field and free reign on the topic then you should be able to pick anything, but that is not the world we live in. Try to keep it close to the subject matter you are studying in that class, and do not pick risqué things. Your professor may like it but may be unable to grade it highly in case it encourages others to follow your lead.

Stealing topics isn’t bad it is just boring

You have probably heard your friends tell you to go online and look for lists of topics instead of thinking up your own. It is not a terrible idea, but remember that most other students have done the same, which is going to make your essay topic tired and boring more than anything else.

If you copy the points from another essay then try to copy from numerous

This is not an endorsement of cheating, but they say that to copy one is plagiarism and to copy many is research. With that said–if you are noting down points from other essays so you can rewrite their ideas and such, then do it from many essays and do not be afraid to reference the bigger and more explored ideas instead of just referencing facts and statistics.

Remember your professor is human

This means your professor has seen essays about the same topics over and over again. A psychology teacher has read more essays on lying than he or she can remember, and your social studies teacher is sick of reading about the abortion issue. Try to keep things at least semi-original and do not go over tired issues.

Think of the things you enjoy writing about

They are always the easiest things to write about. Sometimes it is not about how much you know that keeps your motivation going, it is how happy you are about the subject matter. You may know all there is about district repurposing, but you would probably enjoy writing about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie a lot more, and who wouldn’t? It is a great movie that proves trying something new can work (instead of rehashing Spiderman over and over).

If the field for topics is wide open then use it

In other words, if your professor says you can write about anything then write about whatever fuels your interest, but remember that if you are in a class about humanities than a piece on your favorite granite rocks in the Baltic states may not be the best idea.

If you are given a clear field for topics, then it is not difficult to bend your topic to your subject area. For example, if you want to write about video games, then you can create a descriptive essay about the religious overtones in your video games. Many of them lean on religion in some way. On the other hand, if you are studying sociology then a descriptive essay around the effect of video games on young minds may work well.

Descriptive Essay Topics:

1. The Commemorative Service of the Centenary of World War I
2. My first interview for a job
3. Why ‘insert name here’ is my favorite novel
4. Parliamentary Democracy in the UK
5. A picture of diversity in the workplace
6. My favorite poem and what it means to me
7. My first year in the dorm
8. Explain the Rubik’s Cube to an Alien
9. ‘Insert name here’ is my hero because …
10. The day my labor saving device cost me more time that it was worth
11. My dorm neighbor
12. The process of a Bar Mitzvah
13. Learning to play an instrument
14. The sights and sounds of a farmers markets
15. The day I found out my mother was pregnant and I would no longer be the baby of the family
16. My first day at work
17. The sights and sounds of a forest
18. The day the circus came to town
19. The experience of waiting in a queue
20. My participation in the Tough Mudder
21. A picnic in the woods
22. My first live concert
23. My first kiss
24. My first driving lesson
25. The scene in the examination hall
26. What makes a hero?
27. My favorite fictional place
28. My memories of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games
29. Bringing in the harvest
30. Describe how to write a formal letter
31. An hour in the doctor’s waiting room
32. My first marathon race
33. Why Chinese is my favorite cuisine
34. Writing my first personal blog post
35. The glee club annual outing
36. The experience of Times Square on New Year’s Eve
37. My first hot air balloon ride
38. The day I cast my first vote
39. My first and last experience of eating an oyster
40. Being taught how to fly a kite by my father
41. Why I am proud of where I grew up
42. Creating my first ever pot luck dish
43. My role as treasurer of my sorority
44. My first experience of treading the boards in the college revue
45. The World Bog Snorkeling Championships
46. My high school graduation ceremony and commencement
47. The day time stood still for me
48. My mother’s funeral
49. The safety and security of your bed
50. The sights and sounds of the Trooping of the Color ceremony