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Debate Topics

Controversial debates are quite popular in universities and colleges, especially in history, political science, English composition and more. Professors like assigning such debate topics to their students because they want to see how they reason and support arguments. So, below, we are not only going to show you how to choose the best debate and discussion topic, but we will also take you through some exciting examples that should help you to come up with a strong argument.

How to Pick Out the Best Debate and Discussion Topics

When it comes to choosing good debate topics, one of two things will generally happen. Your professor will assign a specific topic, or he/she will allow you to pick your own. It may not fair too well with you if the debate topic is selected for you but it’s always good when you get the chance to pick one of your own. However, the subject you choose should be appropriate for your class. For instance, don’t talk about calculus in your English class.

List of Controversial Debate Topics for College Students

Are you having trouble looking for some exciting debate topics? Well, relax because here we have collected a couple of controversial topics that you could use to spark up any argument. We have categorized them according to:

  • Controversial debate topics on family and society
  • Topics on law and ethics
  • Ideas from our history
  • Controversial questions on health and education
  • Controversial topics 2018 on foreign policy and economics
Controversial Topics on Family and Society

The family, arguably the most significant social unit in the society, is continually being attacked by both internal and external forces. Orphaned children, early childhood marriages, and divorce are just some of the things we’ve all been accustomed to. Now, here are just some of the controversial debate topics you can talk about:

  1. Should The Law Allow Same-Sex Parents To Adopt Children?
  2. Is It Okay For A Parent To Beat Up His Or Her Child For The Sake Of Discipline?
  3. Should Wives Stay At Home Or Join Their Husbands In Work?
  4. Children Survive Better In A Two-Parent Household Instead Of A Single-Parent Set Up: Discuss!
  5. Should We Finally Legalize Abortion?
  6. Is The Church Doing Enough To Protect Young Unmarried Mothers From Discrimination?
  7. Is The Television Helping The Family Or Not?
  8. Do Same-Sex Parents Make The Best Parents Or Not?
  9. What Negative And Positive Long-Term Effects Of Corporal Punishment On Children?
  10. Should The State Forcibly Take Children Of Drug Abuse Parents For Child-Safety Concerns?
Good Debate Topics on Law and Ethics

Are there issues in the law which you feel deserve some good debate and discussion? Use these ideas to inform, educate and engage your audience:

  1. Should Our Federal Bureaucracies Be Allowed To Pass Laws Which Have The Same Weight As Those Passed By The Legislative Bodies?
  2. Should Judges Base Their Ruling According To The Policies Of Law Or Should They Make Rulings Which Only Benefit The Society?
  3. Are Ordinary Citizens Allowed To Hold Firearms According To The Second Amendment?
  4. Are The State Laws Doing Enough To Punish Convicted Terrorists?
  5. Should We Finally Legalize Prostitution?
  6. Do You Think That You Should Be Allowed To Use A Gun In Case Your Home Is Threatened By An Intruder?
  7. Is It Morally Right To Lie To Someone If The Truth Will Only Hurt Them?
  8. As A Doctor, Would You Treat A Patient Who Is Not Insured?
  9. Is Hunting Showing Cruelty To Animals If It’s The Only Mode Of Sustenance For Human Beings?
  10. Do You Think That There Are Some Drugs Which Should Be Legalized And Not Others?
Debate and Discussion Ideas from Our Past History

Our history is filled with memorable and happy times. Over the years, we have continued to grow both as a country and as a society. However, if you’re looking for a fantastic topic in this field, you need to ask yourself a few controversial questions. Take a look at these examples:

  1. Was Colonialism Harmful Or Beneficial To The Third World Countries?
  2. Do You Think That The Policies Of Adolf Hitler Were Justified?
  3. Was President Abraham Lincoln Right To Allow The Southern States To Leave The Union Peacefully?
  4. The United States Did The Correct Thing In Expelling The Native Americans From Areas Previously Belonging To White Settlers: True Or False?
  5. Did The Soviet Union Do The Right Thing By Occupying European Countries After The End Of World War II?
  6. Was The American Civil War A Success Or A Failure?
  7. Do You Think The World Has Learned Its Lesson From The Effects Of Past Wars And Conflicts?
  8. What Were The Major Causes Of The Indo-Pak Following The Collapse Of British India?
  9. Was Winston Churchill The Greatest Leader Of His Generation?
  10. Has The Cotton Gin Brought Added Any Positive Effects To Agriculture In America?
Some Interesting Controversial Questions on Health and Education

Our health and education are crucial aspects of our lives. They are part of the basic needs of any society. Even so, these are areas filled with the most controversial topics. Here are a few examples:

  1. Should Healthcare Be A Free Service For All?
  2. Do You Think That Prisoners Should Have The Same Access To Healthcare Like Other People?
  3. Is It Ethical For Scientists To Perform Medical Tests On Animals?
  4. Private Healthcare Systems Are Better Than The Public Systems: Discuss.
  5. Are Alcohol And Drug Abuse Diseases?
  6. Are We Doing Enough To Provide Sufficient Education To Children With Special Needs?
  7. What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Classical Education?
  8. Do You Believe That Teachers Should Build A Friendly Relationship With Their Students?
  9. Which Is Better, Student-Centered Or Teacher-Centered Education?
  10. Do You Think That The Common Core Is Advantageous To The Education System In America?
Controversial Topics 2018 on Foreign Policy and Economics

There are very good debate topics that you can find based on our foreign policy and economic situation. For instance, this year, we’ve seen a lot of activities and heard news regarding one or two issues happening all around the world. So, whether it’s the heated tension between North Korea and the United States or USA’s relations with Russia, below are the most popular controversial topics 2018:

  1. Do You Still Believe That The European Union Is Beneficial To European Countries?
  2. Is It Good For NATO And The EU To Continue Expanding In The Eastern Parts Of Europe?
  3. Should The United States Be Worried About Chinese Trade Agreements In Africa?
  4. Did The Meeting Between Donald Trump And Russian President Vladimir Putin Benefit The Citizens Of USA And Russia?
  5. Do You Believe That It’s Right for the United States to Say That China Is Overburdening African Countries in Debt?
  6. Do You Feel That It’s Time for the Developed Nation to Adopt Socialism For The Sake Of Equality?
  7. Are USA And European Countries Affecting African Presidential Elections?
  8. Is The American Economy Stable Under President Trump?
  9. Has Terrorism Improved Or Destroyed Foreign Policies In Europe?
  10. Are The United States Immigration Policies Acceptable Or Too Harsh?

While there are many ideas that you can use to ‘add life’ and improve the appeal of your debate, getting the most controversial topics will boost your class project. From the examples we have carefully listed above, you can see that they are exciting, highly informative and engaging for your diverse audience.

Most importantly, these controversial topics will go a long way in boosting your school grades. Eventually, you’ll notice that it’s one of the easiest assignments for any student. Good luck!