The novel, "David Livingstone" was about Davids’ life and what he wished to accomplish. He was born on March 19th, 1813 at Blantyer, Lankshire. He was raised in a religious but poverty stricken home in scotland. When he turned nine years old, he memorized Psalm 119 and won a prize which was a copy of the New Testament. He worked very long hours averaging about 14 hour days at a cotton-spinning factory when he was only 10 years old. That is where he spent 10 years then started studying medicine and theology. After he worked for 14 hours he would come home and study till his mother blew out his candle. He studied long and hard at which it finally paid off when he went to college at Glasgow University. That is where he majored in Greek and medicine. David and his father both went searching for a room in Glascow till they eventually found a room that only cost them two shillings a week. In the middle of his second session at Glascow University he felt the need to offer himself a missonary for foreign services. He was chosen by the London Missionary Society because of his nonrestricted religious beliefs and his sympathy. In 1840 he returned to Glascow and became a Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons. November, he was sent to sail to South Africa. Five months later he finally landed on Algoa Bay. He continued traveling deep into the jungle where he wanted to end the slave trade in Africa and open it up to Christianity. They went back to the campsite after a long day hunting lion to eat, (David was in lead at the time) they noticed it being extra quiet. Until a lion sprang up from the bushes and attacked David on his left arm shaking it ferociously like a rag doll. Eventually the lion stopped and started attacking the other men but they killed the lion and helped David back to camp where he would get help. Davids arm was in pretty bad shape, his arm was completely chewed up, and his upper shoulder bone was chewed up into small splinters.

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When David eventually recovered from the attack they continued there journey. Allthough, Davids family was missing him desperately, they kept in touch with letters and David said he would be home in 2 years. 5 years passed and he still never arrived home…eventually it was 6 years and he went home. Upset that he never accomplished what he wanted to do which was getting to the center of the slave trade. He left in a year to Africa again, yet this time he bought a boat to use in rivers instead of walking. Unfortunately it sank and he was stuck walking any way.
He got ill during his walk because he was bleeding internally. There was no way of stopping it because when a human bleeds internally it’s inside of the body rather then out where you can see it. However, was slowley getting better until for some unusual reason an artery seemed to have burst. And there was no way of stopping the bleeding. His family was there to comfort him on his last days till he eventually passed away at Chitambo’s Village on May 4th, 1873. David Livingstone will allways be remembered for what he tried to accomplish and to never give up hope.

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