There was a storm and it was wild night. His father was dead an his mother had only Peggoty, her loyal servant. The mother was having baby and she was feeling ill. That’s when David Copperfield was born. The years went past and soon he was six, but still young to understand many things like her mother new marriage with Mr. Murdstone, he and David didn’t like each other, that man treated him so bad. He was sent to a school by this man far from there. In this place he met Steerfoth and Tradles his new friends. But one day the director told him that his mother and his little new brother were dead, so Mr. Murdstone decided to send David with a officer in other place of England to work with him and he would have to pay to eat. He met many people there, like Mr. Wickfield and his daughter Agnes, because of him Copperfield wanted to be a lawyer. But at that time he was so poor. So decided to look for his aunt. She helped and invited him to live in her house. The time went past and he was almost a man, he met again with Steerforth his best friend, they went to Mr. Peggoty’s house where there was Emily a friend of childhood and she was in love of Steerforth, but someday Emily escaped with Steerforth and nobody knew about them. David continued meeting people of the past, most of them asking him for help or advices because most of those people were having trouble with money like Mr. Wickfield, Agnes father, he lost all his money because a bad guy.

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One day, he met a beautiful lady, her name was Dora, he just fell in love at the first sight, so after time, he asked her to marry him but like always, the problem was that he wasn’t a gentleman, he didn’t has money, and that scared her, because she was a lady. Her father didn’t like that relationship but he couldn’t do anything to avoid it, because he died. But after time, David and Dora got married, they love each other so much, David did everything to give Dora what she deserved as a lady, but Dora wasn’t so clever at home, she was like a child, she couldn’t be a good wife, and besides everything he kept loving her. One day Dora wake up very ill and she died. Emily returned with Mr. Peggoty, but Steerforth was missing… In Yarmouth the climate was bad, then a ship was in trouble and many of the crew were dieing because of the sea and the storm, David was watching that form the shore, then someone saw a bodey, it was Steerforth’s body, he was dead. David was so depressed about all his dead friends that he left England. The only person he had contact with, was with Agnes, he thought that he just love her like brother and sister, but that wasn’t true, when he realized of this, he returned to England and look for her to marry her. He found her and obviously she was in love too. They got married and had five children. He finally found happiness with Agnes.
I like this book because most of the situations that happened, happen in real life. What I’m trying to say is that it’s like normal life, and what we have to achieve whatever we want in life.
For example: Something that I noticed on this book was the importance that people gave to money, everyone’s life changed because of money, everyone was looking for money, money was the main cause of their problems or the main solution for them. Nowadays the money keeps being all these , people is always taking care about money, and like in the book, they just were happy if they had money then if they have someone to love, is the same as now.
Before reading this book I didn’t think so much about money in general, obviously I knew all these stuff, but it’s different if you think that even if you don’t want to give money that big importance, it really has it, we are living in a material world, where money is necessary, indispensable to live and also gives happiness, it isn’t all in life, we can be happy without it if we really want to ‘cause happiness depends on us, but sometimes it’s hard to feel it without a economic stability.
Also, I think that this book shows a little bit the fight for goals and fight to find happiness, to don’t give up just because of some troubles, life is short and we have to enjoy it and keep going ahead like David Copperfield did, he passed on big difficulties since he was born, but he didn’t give up and take a easy way out, he continued living and going ahead. That’s what I think is important form this book.

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