My boyfriend and I just bought a boxer puppy from a wonderful shack called Birdman’s exotic pets and animals. From the way the place looked and presented itself from the outside you couldn’t even imagine how great it looked on the inside. The men that greeted us at the door were very nice and looked like some of the finest salesmen around. The animals looked like they were well taken care of and along with the aroma of death lurking the animals were all hanging at the last thread of life.
In the front where they were advertising there were cars that had been caught on fire and the windows had been busted in, which someone may have been trying to get a better look at on the inside. The shack or the store was a thin color of baby blue. It had a huge sign that looked as if it was about to take the place down with it because it was about half as big as the store itself.

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When I went to go inside this older man about the age of 40 greeted us at the door. He was about five foot ten and 300 hundred pounds. His white coarse curly hair covered his hole face. With the exception of his dun lap he was in pretty great shape, and his teeth were the shiniest color of yellow I’d ever seen. The other man just sat in his chair and did paper work. They could have been twins.
The first man showed us around and let me just say when I first walked in the place was so sparkly clean you could just see the peelings on the floor from an animal that probably shed last month. The men said that the shop had only been open about four months, that probably gave them enough time to smoke about a million cigarettes to get the walls that shade. The animals outside must have been so lucky. They didn’t have to worry about sleeping in a dog house because they didn’t have one. The reptiles had no heat so at least for them they were born cold-blooded.
First room that he took us in was the bird room. I was so excited to see the feathers and half molted parrots. They looked so beautiful the way half the body was covered and the other being as bald as it was. The half that you could see , their bellies were so skinny they looked like they looked like they had been on a no-eating diet for months. At least their owners didn’t feed them everyday.
After leaving bird room I could smell the furry creatures as we walked around the corner. It was chilly, a little colder than in front of the shack. The heat lights weren’t even on the cages that the rabbits were in. they looked so cute the way their tongues hung out the side of their frozen bodies. That isn’t even the best thing. They looked like they were on diets too. Just by looking at the way their ribs stuck out and how sunken in their faces were you could tell they were fed really well. I hope that when I have my own place my animals could be that fortunate.
Next the reptiles including all the snakes were all staked in aquariums. Their temperature was about 50 degrees and their heat lamps were all burnt out luckily for them owner didn’t forget to feed them this week. They looked so healthy too. Their scales were so dry and rough as sandpaper. These guys could have gotten a medal for taking such good care of their animals. The man stuck a mouse in the cage with an alligator, but lucky for the alligator the mouse was to busy cleaning himself and was not prompted to meet the alligators mouth.
The dogs were all the way in the last room. Their little puppy paws were sticking out of their little puppy prisons. Their cages were so small that a small cat could only sit in one position and barely turn around. They looked so happy standing in piles of poop that hadn’t been cleaned for days, and the urine from the dog above was leaking on the one underneath it.
The boxer puppy was the most calm since he was about half starved and dehydrated from no water. He could have been the only animal in the place that looked a little underfed since he only weighed about eight pounds and at eight weeks they are supposed to weigh about 20 pounds. So I told the man I would get the boxer since he was so happy when I took him out of his cage. Its was so interesting to see a dogs skeletal shape without him being dead.
So since I left that pet shop the puppy has been on about ten medications. Because for his first vet appointment he had to have a butterfly catheter done, because he was so dehydrated. That procedure pumps fluids into their system. He had all sorts of cool things that came with him. He had coccidia, every kind of worm, pneumonia, bronchitis, and he had every shot there is in the whole world. But now he is just a puppy that is grown enormously, and is well taken care of by his family.

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