Starting my essay on Carpe Diem I want to say that during the course of our lives there are certain goals that we wish to accomplish.  There are also many different experiences that we would like to enjoy. Sometimes we do not have enough time to get from life what we want; we usually lack time for accomplishing many of our goals and for realization of our ideas and wishes.

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In the poem “To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell, main idea is absolutely the same: do not waste time and enjoy your life now! In this poem the speaker is seen as trying to convince a woman to have sex with him. The woman replies that she is a virgin and does not want to have sex. The speaker then tells the woman that there is no reason to wait because life is to short and one day the opportunity will be gone.  Throughout the poem the speaker uses sex as a metaphor to describe life’s opportunities.    What Marvell is saying in this poem is do not put off doing something. There is no better time now. Metaphors play a major role in this poem. Marvell use lots of different effects to make references to life and death. He shows us that life is too precious to waste so we should take advantage of every opportunity. When someone dies he should not feel like there was anything left undone or something he will regret not doing.    Talking about the second poem by Robert Herrick called “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” I can say that the theme of it is very similar to the first poem. Through literary techniques used by the author we can derive the conclusion that the predominant theme is a certainty Herrick presents to us to make most of our youth and life: to seize the day.   What is similar with the first poem is that the writer also uses metaphor to convey the different meanings of the poem.  Robert Herrick uses “the Virgins” to illustrate sex as a meaning of the poem.  He tells the reader that virgins should gain sexual experience when they’re young because they might regret waiting long. (Same to “To His Coy Mistress,” when the speaker is saying that is no reason to wait because life is to short and one day the opportunity will be gone.) Robert Herrick believes that the youth should have sex while they are young.  He uses sex as a metaphor to go to something else like life, for example.    Looking at the word choice and sentence structure I need to say that they are chosen in such a way to help to support the authors’ ideas. The use of metaphors gives the poems greater saturation and help the authors to express to the reader that our time on earth is limited. —————————————————————————–
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