The career that I have chosen is a R.N., or registered nurse. A registered nurse has many different occupational specialties. Some of them are general duty nurses, occupational health nurses, office nurses, and private duty nurses, plus a few more.
Registered nurses have the opportunity to work in many places such as hospitals, institutions, department stores, and medical offices. The jobs entail providing nursing service for patients in hospitals institutions, offices, and nursing care for on-duty workers if needed. An R.N. is expected to work with people often during their day. So if you’re looking into being a registered nurse, being a good people-person is defiantly a plus.
In order to become a registered nurse, of course, you must go through the proper schooling and training. A two year school offers programs that will let you become a registered nurse, as well as some four year schools. To become a registered nurse an individual must graduate from an approved school of nursing and pass a state exam. Nurses may receive a diploma from a hospital school or nursing, an associate’s degree from a community college nursing program, or a bachelor’s degree from a four year college. You can get this schooling and training through many different colleges. One college offered in New Jersey, is Rutgers in New Brunswick. This college allows you to get the right training and degrees, and also offers a hospital nursing program through the college.

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Of course, college doesn’t come free. In order to attend the Rutgers in New Brunswick, in-state tuition would cost me 5, 000 dollars. Extra Fees are about 1, 333 dollars. And Room & Board which would be the best bet for myself, would cost about 6,312 dollars. Books and expenses average about about 717 dollars. So just for that alone I am looking at about a little over 13, 000 dollars to earn the right training and degrees. Though this is a lot of money, becoming an R.N. is however, very rewarding in the end. According to a salary survey taken in 2002 by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, those graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nursing were offered a starting salary of 41,413 dollars per year. Those with master’s degrees were offered 57,240 for their first year. With this, an R.N. receives paid vacations, holidays, sick days, life and health insurance, and retirement benefits.
The job market for this type of a career is in demand. Employers are looking for desperately for registered nurses, and because of this, they are willing to pay more. It is said that employment is expected to grow faster within the years. You could apply for this job in medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and even through an agency that allows their registered nurses to travel to their patients homes and take care of them there. Becoming a registered nurse could often lead to going to more school, and eventually becoming a doctor.
I would be interested in this type of career for many reasons. I enjoy helping people and becoming a R.N. is a great way to take care of many others and offer your services to them. The pay is excellent and would defiantly help me in my future years. There is not too much schooling involved so I could start my profession much earlier than those who are attending a four year college, and then going for more schooling afterwards. I enjoy working inside, so staying in an office, or hospital all day would suit my wants.
I thought learning about this was extremely helpful. I am actually considering becoming a registered nurse myself. I was told from a friend that some registered nurses are offered 30 dollars an hour to start, and that I feel is incredible. I thought it was neat to learn that they do in fact administer.
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