Teamwork combines the skills and the creativity of a diverse number of people in order to produce an effective outcome. Knowing the true meaning of teamwork is the first step in making a successful team. That was a major part that I was missing from previous teams , I didn’t know the true meaning of teamwork. Before this class I wasn’t a team player, I was the one member of the team out to satisfy my own needs.
Throughout this semester I have learned a lot of key points about effective teamwork. Teamwork is a major key to the success of the team. The first part of managing an effective team is understanding team processes, roles, and behaviors. The team has so many functions and its so many things you can do to make your team ineffective.
Throught the semester Dr. ramsey has taght the class some vital information about teamwork that we can use we other teams. One point that I will stress with other teams or groups is communication with in the team. The communication from all the team members would make everyone comfortable.

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Working on teams can normally prove very challenging, with all of the variations in personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, most of these issues are raised face to face with individuals, and can be resolved by finding a room to sit and talk them out.
Since my only experience of working in a team is the first week of this semester I had a lot of arisen questions in this subject. The most basic one: Is working in a team or working by myself more suitable for me? First I said: “Working by myself, of course. I do not want to depend on anybody and I will not let anyone to tell me what to do:” Then a sentence came to my mind: Nobody is Perfect-But a Team Can Be” It made me think the whole problem over again. Working in a team should be efficie …

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