Aristotle was born in 384 BCE, In this place called Stagirus it was a Greek colony by the seaport on the coast of Thrace. His father’s name was Nichomachus. He was the court physician to the king Amyntas of Macedonia. From this Aristotle began to get involved with the Macedonian court, this really had an impact in his life. While Aristotle was still small his father died, and was taken care of by his guardian Proxenus. Later when Aristotle turned 17 Proxenus sent him to Athens to continue his education there. There Aristotle was taught by Plato for about twenty years.
Aristotle later started teaching there too; the subject he concentrated on was rhetoric. During this time this was one of the best intellectual center of the world. At the death of Plato (347) Aristotle tried to continue Platos work at the academy but couldn’t keep up so Platos nephew Speusippus took over his work. The Aristotle moved to Mysia for three years and there met a girl Pythias and married her. Later Aristotle also married another girl Herpyllis and had a son name after his father Nichomachus. Later Aristotle became the tutor of Philips son Alexander (later world conqueror). For five years Aristotle did this. Aristotle was well paid by Philips for teaching his son.

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While Philips was dying, his son Alexander was getting prepared to be the next king. Aristotle then return to Athens after teaching Alexander everything he knew. When Aristotle arrived to the school it was being run by Xenocrates so Aristotle sets up his own school at a place called Lyceum. Aristotle then had a habit to walk about as he was teaching. While he was teaching Alexander died in 323 BCE then the Macedonian government in Athens was overthrown and anything that had to do with Macedonian was disliked. Since he wasn’t wanted there no more he moved to Chalcis in Euboea. In Chalcis where Aristotle was living his normal life he began to have this painful stomach illness and died in 322 BCE.
Most of Aristotle’s writing was very important. Some was secretly put away by one of Aristotle’s student Theophrastus. The student passes the books down to some people he knew and put them in a vault to try to keep them in the best shape possible. Later in about 100 BCE the books and writing where discovered by this guy named Apellicon a book lover, and brought them to Athens. And later where taken to Rome in 86 BCE there in Rome it got the attention of several scholars. The works of Aristotle fall under three headings. One is dialogues and other works of popular characters. Two is the collections of facts and materials from scientific treatment; and. And finally, systematic works. Some of Aristotle’s systematic treaties were; logic, physical work, psychological works, works on natural history, and philosophical works.
In Aristotle’s logic work, logic and reasoning was the chief preparatory instrument of scientific investigation. Aristotle uses the term “logic” as equivalent to verbal reasoning. Aristotle’s list of propositions were substance, quantity, quality, relation, place, time, situation, condition, action, passion. This list is arranged according to the order of the question we would ask. Aristotle simply says logic shows forms the show truth and false. Other work Aristotle did was Metaphysics, which Aristotle starts by sketching the history of philosophy, and Philosophy of Nature, which talks about matter and motion. In The soul of Psychology Aristotle talks about the perfect expression or realization of Natural body. In Ethics Aristotle attempts to find out our chief end or highest good. In Politic is a completion and verification of Ethics. And finally Art which Aristotle talks about the realization in external form of a true idea.
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