It occurs to me (in my mind) at least forty percent of our population has been filled with people who use little or no judgment in their lives. In deed, some people seemed to have missed the boat somewhere, but my goodness people-get a clue (or a psychiatric evaluation). For as many years as I have been an adult, I have encountered large numbers of people (many whom are family) that are completely stupid for at least once or twice in their life. It seems that these one or two occurrences just had to happen in my presence. I must be a magnet to this sort of person because I see it every day. Some are oblivious to fact that they could easily use their brain in life circumstances. However, they manage to fail the application of the general common sense that God gave them.

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Take, for example, my cousin. She is a beautiful girl (not a blonde), but at age twenty years old she still steps in it all of the time! She seems very intelligent. Nonetheless, she absolutely refuses to take any of her parent’s valuable advice. She does not learn from mistakes and acts as if she knows all, yet they are complete morons to her. She dates the wrong kind of guys, lets her friends lead her around, and is always getting money stolen because she leaves exposed to theft. She recently rented a house with one of these nice friends (against our advice and predictions of doom). They got kicked out after a month! She and the roommate would go to work while other friends who did not live there partied in the house. Previously, we asked her not to make this move, and especially not to move into this all-elderly neighborhood. As predicted, the old people complained of the noise. Soon she will call again with some ridiculous excuse of how something just happened and she has no idea how it could have and it was not her fault.
Of all my pet peeves, I feel that people who refuse to use correct pronunciation of a persons name or a particular word is just repulsive. This one person our family knows calls a mutual family businessman Mr. Arledge when the real spelling and pronunciation is Mr. Aldridge. We correct them repetitively to no avail. Mr. Aldridge has jokingly suggested changing his last name to Arledge; He said, "so that my name will finally be pronounced correctly by this person." Needless to say, the person did not take the hint.
Equally as annoying are certain drivers who commit major road infractions! Individuals that wish to make a left turn; I wish they would use their blinker and/or get into the turn lane. I hate going down a main roadway when someone comes to a stop in the passing lane to turn into their favorite fast food chain! There is a turn lane there for them to use, but no way, they have got to cause an accident to make that simple maneuver. Furthermore, I hate when people misuse the yield sign. Why do they stop when there is no oncoming traffic? Similarly, why do people not merge when someone is coming onto the road from a ramp or yield area? For the life of me I cannot figure people out sometimes. I am not saying I am perfect, but common courtesy on the road ought to be a given.
Now I am accepting to different languages and even slang terms, but Ebonics is what really makes me laugh. I do have a tolerance to this dialect, but it is only because I had a good friend in high school that is African-American who I picked on about her use of certain terms. Here are a few terms that are incorrect, but I have to laugh about: police ociffer (officer), senrority (seniority), confurrsed (confused), and frew (few). I can talk Ebonics as good as some African-Americans at times, but I choose not to use Ebonics in my every-day language. I love to hear Ebonics though; even if only for a laugh.
People must think before they react to things. It takes minimal brain usage to listen to proper pronunciations. Consequently, it takes little or no brain to think out the pronunciation and speak it. It will not harm you to take advice of elders or people who have had similar life experiences. Not using common sense or being a complete blithering idiot will cause you tremendous embarrassment, get you hurt, and quite possibly get you killed. Just a tad of reason will get you far enough in life to get you through things very easily.
In my life, I have zero tolerance for stupidity and ignorance. I just wish everyone else would consider the same in their lives.
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