The Internet links people together through computer terminals, and telephon lines, and in some cases wireless radio connections, in a web of networks and shared software. When the Internet first started it was primarily used to help make electronic mail easier. It was also used to allow access to distant databases, and support the transfer of files between government agencies, companies and universities.
There are over 40 million people worldwide that are on the Internet. There are a lot of Internet online services, one of the biggest and most popular is American Online (AOL).

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American Online started in 1985 as Quantum Computer Services in Dulles, Virginia. It changed its name in 1991 to AOL and became the biggest, richest and most successful Internet Company in the world. That’s because it figured out how to make money on the web. AOL started charging people monthly subscriptions to sign up to their Internet services, they also started selling advertisement slots to companies.
There are more than 24 million subscribers whorldwide that pay a monthly fee of about $20 to access the Internet. But because of the millions of users AOL started having problems. Because they were offering unlimited access for a fixed monthly fee, they had millions of subscribers and they couldn’t accommodate them all. People started complaining because they couldn’t get their connection to work because the lines were always busy. AOL solved that problem when they made a deal with MCI WorldCom.
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