Animals are great little creatures. They give pleasure on many different levels. They are they for beauty, comfort, and love. Animals are creatures of the world that are here for those reasons. We as humans were creatures as animals long ago, but we’ve evolved. Most animals have evolved too, but that does not give them the same right as a human being.
I support Machan’s views on animal rights and livelihood. Animals should not be granted with the same right as we are, as humans. Animals are not even close to being in the same league as humans. Yes animals can feel pain and emotion, but that does not give them rights to freedom that humans have.
I think that the treatment of animals should be learned at a young age. Growing up on a farm, I learned how to treat animals. There is a certain amount of respect that everyone should give to animals. You shouldn’t really be cruel to them. What is the purpose of making a living thing suffer? There is no purpose and its just wrong.
Being on a farm you know the boundaries when it comes to animals and yourself. I had pets and then I had animals. Cats and dogs are usually the favorites when it comes to having pets. They give you pleasure. Chickens and ducks were there for the sole purpose to be eaten, sold, or for eggs. When on a farm, you grow attached to certain animals more easily than others. I would never get attached to cows, because I knew that they wouldn’t be around very long. We would process them. That’s what they are for. I mean I can’t really say that animals are solely here on this planet for our purposes, but when it comes down to my well being, the animal’s life is not really considered.

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When driving down a road late at night or during the day. Are you a person that will swerve and dodge an animal or will or will you run it over for your own safety? When it comes down to the safety of myself over an animal, I’m more than likely going to choose my safety. Some people will swerve clean off the damn road to miss a cute, fluffy bunny rabbit. That’s just utterly insane in my book. I can’t believe some people will risk their own lives—their precious life experience—over an animal’s well being.
Animals behave instinctively a lot different than we do as humans. When was the last time someone wanted to eat or kill his or her children because it felt right? Well, it might happen, but you’re going to be in jail for the rest of your life. Animals eat and kill their own species or offspring. Mother dogs will kill or push out their young ones if they are sick or can’t keep up with the rest of the bunch. It also happens with fish, birds, cats, rodents, and many other wild creatures. If we were to give animals the same rights as humans we would have to kill or punish the animals if they were to do such acts. Guess what, we don’t because that would be ridiculous and it would interfere with the natural selection process that goes hand in hand with nature.
Machan makes a great point on animals rights when he discusses human evolution. We have been evolving and will continue to evolve through time. Machan says, “The process that leads to our success involves learning…” To learn we must experiment and use trial and error. This involves the animal testing issue. This is where it starts getting hard to determine the rights of animals. Some of the tests being performed on the animals are not really your idea of a nice walk in the park. Some tests are extremely cruel and unnecessary. I think anyone testing cosmetics on animals should try to find alternatives. For example, spraying hair spray in an animal’s eye to see what kind of reaction comes forth is ridiculous. I think that animal testing should happen, but it should be done in the most humane way possible. Rats and mice are what I feel should be used when testing. I think that if they are bred for this purpose there is nothing really wrong with it. They are small, mindless creatures. When dealing with medical testing, I think that the best thing to do is to use animals in the process. Machan says,
“ to find out whether some medicine is safe for human use, we might wish to use animals. To do this is the rational thing for us to do, so as to make the best use of nature for our success in living our lives.
Finding the cure for AIDS or cancer will probably involve testing of an animal of some kind. I’m for the use of animals as long as it is in a secure way and no extreme cruelty is involved.
I would like to address the subject of hunting dealing with animal rights. Hunting has been done from the beginning of time. Animals hunt to survive and it was how our ancestors survived. With the technology we have know, there is really no need for a person to go hunting to feed his family. There are other reasons that come to surface. Hunting is a way to control the population of animals, especially whitetail deer. In Missouri it is more of a problem. When hunting animals, there should be respect for the kill. Hunters should never use illegal practices to kill something, if they do it just show poor character. It should be a naturally hunted kill. Most hunters hunt because they love the thrill and most hunters have great respect for the animals they hunt. If you hunt and eat what you kill there is nothing wrong with killing an animal.
When I was a young boy, I would go and kill things just to kill things. Male aggression is the only reason I can think of why I did such things. But it felt and seemed ok. I had a pellet gun and would go shot birds and cut them open. I was very curious. I would do the same to frogs and fish. Some people would say that this is humane, but I think that it is part of our natural instincts. We are curious minded beings, and the same thing goes on with animals. Many times I have caught my house cat killing rabbits or rats to just kill them. They would not eat them, just plain out kill them and walk around with the dead animal in their mouth. If you were to watch some discovery channel on young animals, especially meat eating animals, the same instinct applies. Animals are curious as we are, and kill to kill. Of course, I’m not out killing things for the fun of it, but it was a phase that I think most boys go through. I just wanted to point that out and say that there is really nothing wrong with it, and that it is natural.
As far as Stone’s essay, I thought it was rather uninteresting compared to Machan’s essay. Stone really wasn’t directing this thoughts toward animals, but rather towards the whole spectrum of nature. As boring as the essay was he had a point, and I agree with him on come points. Nature should be protected in a court of law, if it is a justifiable reason. I mean, if someone is polluting a stream, and the person knows they are polluting the stream, there should be some kind of punishment. Because that water that is being polluted is water that we may consume in some way. So, they are directly affect humans. But even forest fires, if you can prove that someone caused it, then the person starting the fire should be punished. Most people have enough common sense to not go around and start forest fires. But there are sick-minded people out there. Nature takes care of itself, it always has. We should try little as possible to not interfere with the natural cycle that goes on.

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