Imperialism is the advocacy of extending the power and dominion of a nation especially by direct territorial acquisitions or by gaining indirect control over the political or economic life of other areas. This is how America came to be the most powerful nation, by eliminating racial discrimination. In the late Nineteenth Century, American imperialism was encouraged by interests, ideology, and strategic interests.
Economic interests in other countries is what helped America improve their economic status. Making more trading routes around the world will increase trade with other countries. A base in Hawaii increased trade with other countries since Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The Philippines help set up eastern markets for the US companies. But, America has every right to intervene if American companies are at risk.
This is what helped America to be a very wealthy country.

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Ideology is what helped America to steer in the right direction. People like Anglo Saxon had an impact on America. Anglo Saxon colonized America and increased Americas population. Other things like “White Man’s Burden” help America to realize that if America want to be a powerful nation, they have to eliminate racial discrimination. If America stayed the way they were, then America wouldn’t be a strong nation.
Strategic Interests help America to have a strong navy and military power. The protection of trade routes were vital to America. Alfred Mahan believed that America’s survival depended on a strong navy. Countries near the U.S. must be kept status to keep the U.S. safe. Since America has a strong navy, they control most the oceans which increased trade with other countries.
Economic interests, ideology, and strategic interests are important to America. These three things helped America to be a strong nation. Today, America has a very strong navy and more naval bases are being built. More resources are being traded and America is getting stronger.


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