150 Capstone Project Ideas


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150 Capstone Project Ideas

Coming up with fantastic capstone project ideas is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do as a student. Most of these projects are also investigative and long-term, and you’ll be required to take a more interdisciplinary approach if you want to get the highest test scores. Luckily, we’ve come up with a whole list of ideas to help you out. Have a look!

Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

Students from across the world continue to enroll in this program, but sadly, it’s not as simple as many people tend to think. Luckily, with these psychology capstone project ideas, we hope to give you an easier time in school:

  1. Is Parental Negligence The Cause Of Obesity In Children?

  2. Why Are Americans Obsessed With Fast Foods?

  3. How Does A Narcissist Mother Affect The Mental Health Of Her Children?

  4. The Relationship Between Obesity and Television

  5. The Association Between Stress and Preterm Delivery

  6. Suicidal Behaviors: Causes and Effects!

  7. The Impact Of Abortion On The Mental Health Of Its Victims

  8. Causes and Consequences Of Abuse And Physical Violence Among Teenagers

  9. Understanding The Existence Of Schizophrenia In Both Men and Women

  10. Teenage ‘Sexting’ and Its Effect On Young Children

  11. Understanding The Concept Of Social Interaction

  12. How Does Stress Affect Our Individual Differences?

  13. Psychological Factors Which Cause Depression

  14. Depression and Its Effects On Gender

  15. Symptoms and Reasons For Stress

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

If you’re a nursing student, you need to know what working nurses go through while in their medical profession by writing a research paper. Hopefully, these nursing capstone project ideas will serve as a good start:

  1. Evidence-Associated Modus Operandi

  2. Shift Hours and How They Affect The Quality Of Nursing Services

  3. Advantages Of Point-Of-Care Testing

  4. Importance Of Protecting Patient Information

  5. Ways Of Motivating Nurses

  6. How To Adopt The Best Crisis Solving Strategies

  7. Benefits Of Patient Identification Software

  8. Crucial Steps In An Emergency Setting

  9. Explaining Modernized Diagnostic Testing

  10. How To Prevent Conflicts Between Doctors and Nurses

  11. What Amount Of Time Is Needed To Specialize In Nursing?

  12. Factors Which Affect Specialization

  13. How To Develop A Swift-Working Relationship Between Healthcare Workers and Nurses

  14. Understanding The Antibiotic Resistance Patterns In Different Patients

  15. Factors Which Are Influencing The Growth Of Conventional Medicine

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

It’s said that computers will one day ‘rule the world.’ Whether this may be true or not, we are yet to see it happen. What we do know though is that if you are studying this course, you’ll need some computer science capstone project ideas to help you understand all the concepts in this diverse subject. Here are a couple of brilliant topics:

  1. Recognizing The Different Real-Time Speech Translation Programs

  2. How To Use The Game Theory In Analyzing Algorithms

  3. Building An E-commerce Website For Your Cloth Line

  4. Create A Link Between An ERM Stock System and Online Site

  5. Methods For Effectively Conducting A Brilliant Online Survey

  6. How To Use Neural Networks To Predict The Rise and Fall In Stock Levels

  7. Understanding The iPhone Medical Record Interface

  8. How To Develop A Powerful Irish Grammatical Checker

  9. Fitness Devices and How They Can Be Used To Monitor The Health Of Patients

  10. Which Roles In Computer Games Play In Improving Memory?

  11. CT Image Analyzing Software!

  12. Dashboard Development By The KPI Company

  13. The Best Plagiarism Checkers For Homework Submission

  14. Report Generator For An Accounting Business

  15. Text To Voice Systems In Multiple Languages

Capstone Project Topics in Management

As you train and learn to be a good manager, there are a couple of things you’ll need to correctly understand before you complete your course. Below are some informative and captivating capstone project topics:

  1. Crisis Management and How It Influences Businesses

  2. Project Management and Control In The Ship Construction Industry

  3. Empowering Women In Different Financial Spheres

  4. Methods Of Creating An Innovating System Of Governance In Business

  5. Why Are Franchising Systems Efficient In Different Business Spheres?

  6. Understanding The Difference Between Customization and Globalization

  7. Risk Management and Its Necessity For Modern Day Businesses

  8. A Detailed Analysis Of Customer Service In Restaurants

  9. Recent Developments and Trends In E-Commerce Development

  10. How To Pick The Most Reliable Strategy In Your Public Relations

  11. How Do Dirty Managerial Businesses Start?

  12. As A Manager, How Can You Run A Business With Little To No Funds?

  13. How To Set Up A Successful Business Startup

  14. Impact Of Changing Climatic Conditions On International Business Strategies

  15. Importance Of Ethical Decision Making For Organizational Managers

Interesting Capstone Project Ideas High School

If you are a high school student, capstone essays are one of the toughest you’ll have to do. Luckily, we’ve come up with a catchy list of capstone project ideas high school guaranteed to give you the most upper grades possible.

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

  2. Why Should You Engage In Extracurricular Activities Early

  3. The Rate Of Discrimination In School

  4. How Can School Administrators Solve The Problem Of Bullying In Schools?

  5. How Are Social Networks Destroying The Learning Patterns In Schools?

  6. Cosmetic Surgeries and Age Limits

  7. Mobile Phone Use In Classrooms

  8. Protecting Children From Explicit Marketing and Adult Content

  9. Effects Of Drug Abuse On Students and Their Families

  10. Advantages Of Wearing School Uniforms

  11. Is Abortion Good or Bad For The Society?

  12. The Growth Of STDs and HIV Among The Youth

  13. Best Disciplinary Measures In Schools

  14. Causes and Effects Of Terrorism

  15. How To Improve The Level Of Interaction Between Teachers and Students

Business Capstone Project Ideas

The world of business is full of great topics for your capstone paper. If you’re frustrated thinking of how a good theme should look like, we have come up with numerous ideas for you to pick from.

  1. Great Marketing Lessons Of The Last Decade

  2. Does Matching Pay With Performance Make Employees More Loyal?

  3. Global Standardization Vs. Local Customization: Which Is More Effective?

  4. Internal Promotions Vs. External Recruiting

  5. The Strong Presence Of Multinational Corporations In Other Countries: Is It Good Or Bad?

  6. Does Management Boost The Productivity Of Workers Or Cause More Stress?

  7. How To Develop A Strong Business Strategy

  8. Should Private Companies Offer Their Customers Health Insurance Covers?

  9. How Can Modern Businesses Adapt Swiftly To The Constant Changes In Technology?

  10. Principles Of International Business Marketing Companies

  11. Advantages and Disadvantages Of Mobile Transactions

  12. Role Of E-Commerce To The Success Of A Business

  13. Marketing Techniques and How They Affect Product Popularity

  14. Recognizing Product Gaps and Market Niches In Business

  15. Methods Of Becoming A Successful Small Business Entrepreneur

Law and Religion Capstone Project Ideas

If you’re required to write a paper on either law or religion, you’ll need to get your hands on some highly educative capstone project topics for your readers to understand the relationship between the two. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. The Islamic Law and Its Perceptions Across The World

  2. Is ECOLEX The Pathway To Environmental Law

  3. Why Is It Essential To Learn About The GATT Documents?

  4. Understanding Mass Communication Law

  5. Impact Of Women Authorities In Different Countries Across The World

  6. Evaluate The Efficiency Of The Different International Criminal Law Courts

  7. Detailed Report and Analysis Of The Comparative Criminal Procedure

  8. Exciting Developments From The Inter-American Library Of Human Rights

  9. Does The United States Copyright Office Assist Writers To Defend Their Businesses?

  10. Economics and Christianity: How Do The Two Relate?

  11. Religion and Modernism: Are They Compatible?

  12. Sex and Religion: A Look At How Various Cultures Relate The Two

  13. Understanding The Church and Social Actions

  14. The Role of Women in Society According To Different Religions

  15. How Do Teenagers Perceive The Concept Of Religion?

English and Literature Capstone Project Topics

Are you studying English and Literature? Or maybe you’re looking for some captivating capstone themes for your academic paper. Well, here we’ve collected a couple of ideas to inspire your writing. They include:

  1. Explain The Concepts In The American Dream Literature

  2. How Does Harry Potter Reflect On The Ideals Of That Time?

  3. The Prose Of The Suffrage Woman Movements

  4. The Effects Of Literature On The Modern Society

  5. Sex and Romance In Renaissance

  6. Fiction As A Powerful Instrument Of Propaganda

  7. Is Fan Fiction Considered A Powerful Independent Literature Tool?

  8. Why Do Most Authors Love Using Similes And Metaphors

  9. Important Factors To Help You Understand The Different Genres Of Novels

  10. Is English The Most Powerful Language In The World?

  11. What Can We Do To Improve The Level Of Literacy In Third World Countries

  12. Why Is Narration Considered The Easiest Form Of Literature By Most Students

  13. Advancements Of The English Language From Latin

  14. Which Are Some Of The Best Literature Projects By William Shakespeare?

  15. Understanding The Growth and Evolution Of Poetry

History Capstone Project Ideas for High School Students

The best way to talk about all the major failures and milestones we’ve seen over the last decade is by getting some amazing, historical, capstone project ideas. Below are a few examples:

  1. Effects Of World War Two On Women Rights

  2. Factors Which Triggered WWII

  3. Liberalism: Is It An Optimal Solution?

  4. Effects Of The Women Suffrage Movement

  5. Which Is The Most Effective Military Strategy Of All Time

  6. The Aztec Empire and Its Architecture

  7. How Has Ancient Italian Art Influenced Modern Art

  8. The Life And Times Of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

  9. Understanding The Correlation Between The Greek and Roman Culture

  10. The Origins Of Racial Discrimination

  11. Cultural Revolutions Across History

  12. Tracking The Roots Of Anti-Semitism

  13. Remarkable Political Achievements Of The 20th Century

  14. Understanding The Victorian Period

  15. The Most Remembered Political Leaders Of All Time

Capstone Project Ideas High School in Science and Technology

There are many capstone project ideas high school in both technology and science that can easily grab the attention of your readers. Take a look at some of our fantastic themes here:

  1. Light As An Effective Method For Cancer Treatment

  2. Does Planet Mars Really Support Life?

  3. Nanomedicine and Its Potential Of Extending Human Life

  4. Can Alternative Energy Replace Fossil Fuels?

  5. The Importance Of Cryogenics

  6. Is CMB The Role Result Of The Big Bang?

  7. How Will Self-Driving Cars Transform The Way Most People Live?

  8. Can Bitcoin Solve The Problem Of Identity Theft?

  9. The Future Of Artificial Intelligence and Computing

  10. Effects Of Artificial Intelligence In Business

  11. Major Tech Fails and Successes Of The Last Decade

  12. Advancements In Solar Energy

  13. Is Wind Energy The Future Of Energy?

  14. Understanding How Steam Engines Are Made

  15. Why Have Hovercrafts Become So Popular Nowadays?


By picking any of these capstone project ideas, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to tackling such a project. Most importantly, they will help you to think critically, improve your problem solving and also social skills. All the best!